Squealing Pig tells more curly tales in latest campaign via J. Walter Thompson, Melbourne

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 9.00.56 am.jpgAustralian Rosé label, Squealing Pig, has launched a new campaign under its 'Curly Tales of Squealing Pig' platform via Treasury Wine Estates' global creative agency J. Walter Thompson, Melbourne.

Following on from the successful 2017 social campaign, 2018 sees a new chapter of Curly Tales arrive, with the creation of 5 little films for each of the 5 little pigs that feature on the Squealing Pig label. The films begin with a line from the classic tale, before spinning into an unexpectedly modern and humorous interpretation of pop culture.

Says Jack Elliott and Lochie Newham, creative team, J. Walter Thompson, Melbourne: "The opportunity to build on last year's Curly Tales platform with some even curlier films was one we relished. By restricting ourselves to the brand's colours and collaborating with some of the best in the business, we were able to create a modern world for these five classic characters."

Says Clive Coleman, brand director, Squealing Pig: "The Squealing Pig brand brings playfulness and fun to a category (wine) that can take itself far too seriously. The films bring to life this quirky and irreverent personality via stories of each of our little pigs on our label. The films not only look great but are also very entertaining."

The films will play across social, Moonlight Cinemas, video on demand and through Treasury Wine's 'Living Wine Labels' app.

Capitalising on the growing popularity of spritzed wine in a can, Squealing Pig has recently launched two new products to its existing portfolio of award-winning wines - Spritzed Pinot Grigio and Spritzed Rose. Both 250ml can products have claimed second and fourth spot in the canned segmenti since launching in July this year.

Agency: JWT Melbourne
Account Management: Emma Grant, Zorana Dodos, Anna Parker
Head of Planning: Simon McCrudden
Executive Creative Director: Kieran Antill
Copywriter: Jack Elliott
Art Director: Lochie Newham
Producer: Sandi Gracin
Production Company: Revolver / Will O'Rourke
Director: The Glue Society's Pete Baker
Managing Director / Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Executive Producer / Head of Projects: Josh Mullens
Producer: Isabella Vitelli / Jasmin Helliar
Director of Photography: Simon Walsh
 Production Designer: Silvana Azzi Heras
Wardrobe: Eliza Godman
Post Production: The Glue Society Studios
Editor & Colourist: Scott Stirling
Flame Artist: Viv Baker
Sound Design & Music Composition: Otis Studios - Lukas Farry and Alejandro Gomez
Media Agency: Mindshare
Brand Director: Clive Coleman
Senior Brand Manager: Laura Wenn


Old CD Guy said:

When I hear Squealing Pig I immediately think of THAT scene in Deliverance.

Is that the desired reaction?

@Old CD guy said:

That comment is exactly why you’re an old CD guy.

Glazed ham said:

Was this meant to be funny?
It watches like it was made by a bunch of ex-footballers who just discovered Wes Anderson

Groucho said:

@OldCD guy it’s hard to hear the humour over the sound of banjos isn’t it?

qt3.14 said:

If the purpose of these ads is to sell Squealing Pig wine, they make no fucking sense whatsoever. None.

Usually positive but.. said:

I really cannot see why these even exist in the world. They don’t make me want to drink it. They don’t tell me anything about it. They don’t make me laugh, cry, desire or feel anything apart from vague confusion. There is no feeling of a strategy or any creative idea.. Each one is like a black hole of pure nothingness "a place where money or items apparently disappear without trace.” The fact they exist makes me confused.

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