SSROC launches new recycling campaign with humorous retro video via Paper Moose

Paper Moose Unbag Recycling 01.jpgThe Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) today launched a new campaign to raise awareness of improper recycling habits with a humorous retro video via Sydney agency Paper Moose.

The campaign aims to educate residents on unbagging their recyclables before disposing of them in the yellow bin. Recycling in plastic bags can't be recycled and doing so can actually hinder recycling efforts.

A throwback to classic '80s TV sitcom theme songs, the pun-filled video by Paper Moose called The Recyclin's features a variety of popular recyclable items as main characters all living in the same household.

Paper Moose Unbag Recycling 02.jpgAs today's generation has ramped up their recycling efforts, 26% percent of Australians unknowingly put their recyclables in plastic bags, which ultimately end up in the landfill. This campaign aims to change people's recycling behaviours through education and entertainment.

Paper Moose conceived and developed the campaign, facilitating end-to-end from creative conception and production all the way through to media distribution strategy and implementation.

The agency partnered with Oath's content division RYOT Studio to harness the power of HuffPost and Yahoo Lifestyle's green and socially-conscious audience for the campaign, with editorial content running across their platforms and social channels. Content will also run on and Mamamia, alongside social media including Facebook and Instagram.

Paper Moose Unbag Recycling 03.jpgJack Stephens, media strategist at Paper Moose, says it was essential to build tactical partnerships with publisher editorial to build the new brands social identity, and working alongside the creative team allowed for a more nimble process as well as real time amendments to fit with the media buy.

Says Stephens: "Having creative, production and media implementation under one roof makes us incredibly efficient and allows Paper Moose to work with publishers on wider sponsorship opportunities specific to the creative as it develops."

"We're thrilled to be working with great publisher partners to amplify our creative, through each individual tone of voice we hope to see behaviour change across multiple audience demographics."

This is the second team up for the SSROC and Paper Moose, following its successful Dumping is Rubbish campaign highlighting Sydney's illegal dumping problem while promoting the city's free waste collection service. Both campaigns aim to fight waste and educate the public on 'getting rid of it right'. Find out more here.

Namoi Dougall, SSROC general manager, says the new campaign emphasises the council's continued commitment to reduce waste by encouraging recycling.

Says Dougall: "Plastic bags and soft plastics cannot be recycled from kerbside bins. SSROC and our member councils want to help Australians do a better job of recycling.
"It is more important than ever to recycle correctly as we move to a circular economy. This small change in household behaviour will keep more recycling from landfill."

Agency: Paper Moose
Creative Director: Nick Hunter
Art Director: Reese Geronimo
Strategist/ Producer: Jazz Twemlow
Strategist: Jack Stephens
Copywriter: Seaton Kay-Smith
Director: Harrison Woodhead
Motion Director: Pete Foley
Composition: Nick Gunn


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