Woolies celebrates Aussies coming together at home this Christmas in new spot via M&C Saatchi

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 11.11.05 am1.jpgWhether you are hosting, or heading home this Christmas, Woolworths 2018 'Home for Christmas' campaign, developed by M&C Saatchi Sydney, celebrates the most important part of the season - being with the ones you love.

Set to an upbeat Christmas classic 'Run Rudolph Run', it features a large Australian family making the trip home, each doing their bit, to celebrate the magic of the season over food.

'Home for Christmas' is an integrated marketing campaign that showcases how Australians make Christmas their own and the role that food plays in creating that Christmas feeling.
It puts the spotlight on beautiful Australian produce and summer Christmas favourites including pavlovas, cherries, puddings, ham and more.

Says Andrew Hicks, director of marketing, Woolworths: "We know that home is where the heart is and at Christmas time, we take journeys big and small, to be with the ones we love and central to that gathering is the food.

"Everyone wants to do their bit - whether it's setting up the decorations, hosting, bringing a pav, making a pudding or perfecting the ham, it's these little acts that make up a great Christmas feeling.

"As the Fresh Food People, we understand the role food plays in bringing the festivities to life and whether you're making it together or making it to share, we always want to make it as easy and sensational for our customers.

"We have also taken it up a notch this year with our Christmas execution in stores right across the country - customers can expect lots of in-store theatre to help bring the Christmas spirit to life."

The 'Home for Christmas' campaign will be supported across multi-channels including TV, digital, radio, in-store, catalogue, outdoor and more.

Andrew Hicks - Director of Marketing
Nick Chapman - General Manager, Brand
Alison Stratten - Senior Marketing Communications Manager
Siobhan Petri - Marketing Communications Planner
Evette Sanders - Marketing Communications Planner

M&C Saatchi
Tom McFarlane - Creative Partner
 Ant Larcombe - Director of Visual Communication
Ben Stainlay - Creative Director
Niccola Phillips - Head of Art
Susan Dearn - Senior Art Director
Jamie Watson - Senior Strategist
Julia Mahoney - Group Account Director
Lewis Harvey - Account Director
Rod James - Head of TV and content
Production Company -  Sweetshop
Music and Sound Design - SongZu
Editing - ARC EDIT and RES


Simple said:

I don't work at the agency and I didn't work on this project. But I'll be the first to comment and say I like it. Production value is good. There is real warmth in the spot and made me excited to go home for Christmas. Job done all involved. Simple. Nice.

The past said:

Wow. This looks like any Christmas ad from the last 40 years. Families coming home for Christmas is a dull insight. Dull big white people family too. Yawn.


Please upload a HD version so it's not pixelated..even a 720 version would do.

re: Simple said:

I also don't work for the agency and I agree.
Gives me the WoolieWarmers.

ha said:

Steve Dodds is acting now??

I don’t work for the agency said:

And this is utter bollocks

confused said:

why does he pick woolies???? because of the pav???

whitewash said:

make australia white again

KKK said:

I love this

RockeeeeeBOY said:

Please can some one tell me who is performing Run Run Rudolph ???

Steve Dodds said:


You do what you've gotta do.

Maybeline said:

No wonder Dylan called Chuck Berry the Shakespeare of Rock and Roll.Go Woolies Go Go Go.Best Christmas track this year.

Jack said:

I'm guessing @whitewash wouldn't be real happy if anyone uses 'I'm dreaming of a white Christmas' as their soundtrack this year'?

JD said:

Nice work by Cam Hooper.A director to watch out for.

It's good said:

It's fun, simple and does what it says on the tin. Well done to all involved.

hummmmm said:

I though Doddsy performance was pretty good in this. Dialogue as well. Well done Steve.

FFS said:

Whoever decided on the music track needs to be sacked. This ad is such a phenomenal waste of money. Congrats to the lazy CD who got a holiday from thinking on this campaign because no one lives in this white washed version of Australia. Well, maybe a grandparent somewhere in a nursing home. Old white guy stench here. Middle of the road gets the big thumbs up. Yawn

Old CD Bore said:

To those who created this puff and those who praise it:

It must be really great to be revelling in a bland world of tired, wholesome cliches.

Where do you get the energy?

Yours wearily...

Campaign Bleat said:

Nuf said

Les. said:

Oh get a grip.It’s a Christmas ad for a retailer.And quite a jolly one.

A reminder. said:

It’s for Woolies,not John Lewis. It’s everything a Woolies Xmas ad can be before wandering into over-promise. It’s fun, everyday and believable. If their client was John Lewis, they would’ve done a John Lewis ad. Fortunately, Tom and his team are grown-up enough to know the difference. Maybe that’s why Woolies advertising has been so successful.

Maybeline said:

Hey FFS don’t fuck with Chuck.This is a greatChristmas track.
If you don’t like it piss off and listen to some of your Michael Buble CDs.

Time for a new agency said:

How can Woolies justify paying for this wallpaper advertising?

Take the account in-house save a bundle and no doubt do better work.

Coles advertising is miles ahead of this rubbish.

Seriously said:

You have a CCO working on this account and this is what you produce. It’s practically the same as the Coles Xmas ad. I bet Coles aren’t paying for a CCO. Just because it’s Woolies doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some ideas you lazy halfwits. This boring advertising is contributing nothing to Woolies success, it’s holding them back from being more successful if anything. #SHIThouse

Awesome said:

Fun. Easy. Got it. They're all together. Wonderful.
Get over yourselves. It's a fun Christmas ad aimed at an average punter.

Expat said:

Just saw this and it made me smile.The grandparents house is just like my nan’s place in Essendon.Wish I was coming home,but it’ll be another cold on in London.

It’s official said:

You don’t need to be creative to be an advertising creative these days. This work is proof of that. No wonder the industry is going down in flames. Smart clients know better than to spend money on this nonsense

Hilarious said:

Even the agency comments (expat & awesome) are as pathetic and unoriginal as the advertising they can’t even defend. Wake up Woolies, you’re paying for creative and getting turds covered in glitter.

AB said:

What is more hilarious @ Hilarious is that so many people know who you are and why you are so bitter.

@AB said:

You reap what you sow! Merry Christmas

Lee Dowker said:

Woolies you have done a great ad this Xmas...every time it's on TV I have to stop & watch it..Chuck Berrys Run Rudolph...love it...who are the actors, they do a great job that pavlova is he star.....

Lee Dowker said:

Woolies you have done a great ad this Xmas...every time it's on TV I have to stop & watch it..Chuck Berrys Run Rudolph...love it...who are the actors, they do a great job that pavlova ...

Dina said:

Just a note to all that believe this ad is a whitewash of Australia. In fact there is a Greek/Egyptian, Spanish, aboriginal and Asian in this family! Just sayin...
Thanks for representing us all Woolworths!

Just embarrassing said:

This is what happens when you surround yourself with arse kissers, you produce nothing but beautiful turds.

Gary wright wright said:

where can i buy a copy of the jazzed up version of "run rudolph run" as used in the woolworths ad.

CD said:

Recycling your own rubbish for different clients never works.


@ CD said:

You are right. They swapped a table for a pavlova, aside from that, it's the same ad. Does it get any lazier than this? It's a big no-no in my books.

Casperwitz said:

Still plenty of jealous critics trying to sound knowledgeable in the ad world. Amateurs!
This is a happy fun seasonal ad that works, great choices, talent, direction etc etc, whenever I hear Run Rudolph I go and watch, well done all concerned. The actor coming thru the airport is a stand out, anyone know her name?

NCV said:

A bit too staged. No house is that happy, even at Christmas

Carolyn said:

I love the white stucco house where the pav owners leave from. Is it a real place?

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