Paul Fenton and Joshua Hunt launch new Sydney-based advertising agency Loyal

Josh and Paul.jpgAs the end of the year draws near, 2018 marks the official launch of new Sydney advertising agency, Loyal.

Founded by industry leads, Paul Fenton and Joshua Hunt, the 12-strong agency has opened its office doors in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Says Fenton: "Josh and I have been talking about partnering for years, and since opening the doors at Loyal, the only question has been, 'why didn't we do this earlier?"

Fenton has over 25 years in advertising, spanning both local and overseas agencies. Working at BAM SSB for 4 years he then worked at FCB San Francisco before spending 6 years at Arnold Furnace as national head of art and ECD respectively, before setting up his own agency Yolo in 2012.
Loyal team.jpgHunt similarly spent significant time at a number of the country's leading agencies.  Weened at Saatchi & Saatchi under David Nobay and Simone Bartley, Hunt then moved on to become an integral part of the growth of Soap Creative both in Sydney and LA, before setting up his own shop, Drifter in 2013.

Says Hunt: "Paulie and I have known and worked on a number of projects together for years, and very much shared a similar vision for an agency, the culture and most importantly the standard of creative we wanted to pursue. We also both like the same football team which I've since learned may have been the deciding factor on the partnership."

Since opening, the Loyal team have already picked up a string of new clients and work including Investsmart, the new Sydney Zoo, Elanco, Scenic World and Centuria adding to a list of long-standing client relationships.

Loyal will be announcing further news in the next two weeks.


Anthony Gregorio said:

Well done Oh Lord. You deserve all the good things Paulie.

DD said:

In a world of colour by numbers, Mr Fenton is the BEST.
The whole enchilada.

If client truly wants dedication, passion and world best creative on their business ;
Loyal will be a huge success.

Nick Bayes said:

Well done Mr Fenton!

Good luck said:

When people like people Paul and Joshua open an agency they create jobs.
For that alone, they deserve our respect and best wishes.

Burd said:

Good luck!

Noel Magnus said:

Great news Mr Fenton - all the best mate.

Jen Barnett said:

Great news. Good luck Paul & Josh.

Buzz said:

Well done Paulie!

Simon Frost said:

Great work Paul. Good luck mate.

Simon Hadfield said:

Well done guys.

Oz D. said:

Paulie WYSIWYG Fenton.

YES. All the best.

Jeffrey Oley said:

Dream team business going on here - No luck required. 🏆

Chad said:

Congrats Mr Paulie Fentonio. Super exciting.

Great to hear Paulie, go get em son!

Richmond Park said:

Fenton, Fenton, oh Jesus Christ Fenton!

Greidy said:

All the best Paulie.

Urban Myth said:

Is anyone loyal in todays industry?

Bets of luck

Michael Jones said:

Congratulations Mr Fenton.

Bob M said:

Great to see - congrats team

Kenny Mac said:

In the key of G: mmm, mmm, mmmmmm.

Shevvy said:

Not that often everyone has beautiful things to say! Congratulations you bloody legends. If you could see me know I’m playing leg on the desk piano x

dHo said:

Fancy a bum?

Real Al said:

Good luck bro! Proud of you as always.

Paul Hastings said:

Congratulations Paul
Great shots too.
If I was a client I’d want an agency like yours, if I wasn’t already committed to Fenton Stephens Melbourne of course :)

Spicy nuts said:

Nice one Paulie - one of the best creative thinkers I’ve ever worked with and a true gent. Also strangely talented at air-piano. Hope you smash it!

APTAR said:

You are always in my sights Paulie & Josh...

Andy lish. Lishy said:

Good luck guys. We have all worked for and With Nobby. Good luck to you and if you ever need a heavyweight Creative Champion, give me a ring. Groan! LOL

Will said:

Well done Mr Fentastic

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