Roll'd unveils new 'all roll'd up' summer campaign for its Soldiers brand via The Sphere Agency

SummerSoldiers_A3_Landscape_Green[1][1][1].jpgRoll'd has just launched a new summer campaign for its Soldiers (rice paper rolls). Developed by The Sphere Agency, the "all roll'd up" campaign heroes the healthy and fresh ingredients that go into Soldiers as well as other benefits, such as being a perfect and balanced meal on the go.

The campaign is currently running in Victoria, NSW, ACT, Queensland and Western Australia across digital, outdoor and radio.

Says Bao Hoang, founder and CEO, Roll'd: "Importantly, the campaign line of "All Roll'd up" builds brand awareness and helps ensure that when people think of Vietnamese rice paper rolls, they think of our Roll'd Soldiers."
SummerSoldiers_A3_Landscape_Pink[1][1][1].jpgSays Michael Abdel, founder and executive creative director of The Sphere Agency: "Soldiers are loaded with delicious, fresh veggies and herbs, but you can't always tell that just by looking at them. With this campaign we wanted to create some real appetite appeal by showing exactly what goes into each roll. Not only does it lookSummerSoldiers_A3_Portrait_Green[4][1][1].jpg delicious, but you can also feel good knowing how healthy it is."

Says Katherine Ruiz, general manager - marketing, Roll'd: "The great thing about this campaign is it helps educate new customers on exactly what a Soldier is, while at the same time creating incredible appetite appeal and reminding existing customers of why Soldiers are such a great meal or snack option."

Roll'd currently has 71 stores across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the A.C.T.

Sphere is a strategic, creative, media and digital agency thatSummerSoldiers_A3_Portrait_Pink[2][1][1].jpg builds engaging content platforms that deliver exceptional ROI.


Grill'd campaign by The Royals said:

Cut and Paste

@the numpty above said:

Go lie down

@the numpty above said:

I am thanks, underneath your mum

ah said:

Mum jokes. Really?

Mum jokes said:

Yeah sure, why not, we’re saving lives here

Where do you start... said:

Seriously, this industry is losing the plot.

""The great thing about this campaign is it helps educate new customers on exactly what a Soldier is"

Is that why the word Soldier doesnt appear anywhere?

and then the tagline, "Love the journey"... wtf does that mean and how is it relevant to this brand? Are they a cruise liner? Is there an incredibly long wait for the food and they're trying to make that a positive?

So many WTFs.

Soldier boi said:

What's a Soldier

@Soldier boi said:

Gỏi cuốn, but whitewashed for middle Australia so it's not quite so, you know...foreign.

Dont overthink it said:

It's food, it looks healthy, fresh and tasty.

Job done

Re the tagline - it's a tagline. It's not supposed to work on its own

Does 'vorsprung durch technik' work on its own?

Yummym said:

Makes me want one. I think that’s all it’s supposed to do!

All of the above said:

Does anyone really care!?

we are paid a lot to think said:

@ Dont overthink it

The tagline 'vorsprung durch technik' is distinctive and cleverly says that the Audi's are German made which was a short cut to quality engineering at the time.

Love the Journey is not distinctive and doesn't tell me much about why I should eat Roll'd.

@above said:

And Love the Journey talks to the origins of Vietnamese food, and the culinary authenticity honored by Rolld.

Etc etc, blah blah blah

Hi @above said:

Sure. But Love the Journey could talk to anything.That's the problem.

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