Somersby launches new 'Isn't that wonderful' marketing campaign based on sunny optimism

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 1.18.08 pm.jpgSomersby was launched in to the Australian market in 2012 under the Asahi Premium Beverages (APB) umbrella and quickly became an overnight success.

This brand saw the quirky and fictional English Lord, 'Lord Somersby' at the core of its marketing initiatives, but in a new direction, Somersby will say goodbye to the character to launch a campaign in partnership with Uncle Grey Agency, Copenhagen and adapted by TBWA Melbourne for the Australian audience, called, 'Isn't that wonderful'.

Somersby1.jpgRolling out through December, the new concept is based on today's world becoming increasingly uncertain with people tending to miss the positive happenings around them. "Isn't that wonderful" instead aims to remain refreshingly optimistic with Somersby embodying the 'glass half full' philosophy.

To build their understanding of Australian optimism, Somersby, with the support of market research agency, T Garage, completed an extensive research process with their target audience of 18-39-year olds.

Says Michael Edmonds, general manager marketing Australia, Asahi Premium Beverages: "On this next journey, we want to remind people to embrace the lighter side of life by becoming the champions of optimism through our light-hearted, playful andSomersby 2.jpg generous personality...and we wanted to ensure we knew exactly what that optimism looks like to Australians, specifically."

With a digital mindset, Somersby has created premium content that showcases both the product, and comments on culturally relevant moments in the world through 'Somersby-coloured goggles'.
Says Kym Bonollo, group marketing manager beer and cider, Asahi Premium Beverages: "I believe we've built a really nice way of championing Somersby's new brand positioning through relevant content-driven storytelling that will speak to our consumers in a new and refreshing way, especially over this key summer period."

Somersby's intention with media is to increase focus on the digital landscape, to land the campaign through video display, social media, digital and outdoor platforms from November 2018 to April 2019. This rollout, via media agency Vizeum, will be backed by a solid media investment of $3M+ across the summer period.

The introduction the campaign will also support the launch of Somersby's Lower Carb cider and Watermelon to market in late 2018.


Simone D said:

Sunny optimism? Or bs in a bottle.
Asahi beer spot is beautiful and smart. This falls short.
Brand positioning and creative from the school of through a dart against a dart board and see where we land.

AI said:

If a computer made an would be above.

Big 'new' + name + low carb = headline
Crisp + taste + refreshing = on trend product descriptor
bottle + glass + spritz = packshot
On a tree showing natural and apple.
Blue background showing = sunny + optimism

Real Genius said:

Boy, they must have worked for weeks on those headlines.

Been done said:

It's a lot like the Optus ad, right down to the Optus logo.

um said:

Did you guys view the spot before writing those comments?

I think its great.

Sure its links to a video about Optus and their connectivity commitment and clearly is the wrong TVC, but by gosh does it make me thirsty for a cider.

IT said:

Wrong link

Ugh said:

Isn’t that wallpaper?

Punctuation, darl said:

With a full stop instead of a question mark, this technically means that the product isn't all that good.

Even a rhetorical question needs a question mark, possums.

@ugh said:

yep! very expensive wallpaper

@punctuation said:

LOL. I just spat my cider over the bar.

Creds said:

Who is claiming this work, or me thinks the brand manager did the design and copywriting.

Agree said:

Really isn't that wonderful.

? said:

No it really isn't that wonderful at all. How the fuck did this get printed?

Knowing your shit. Not, knowing you're shit.

Fluff said:

Asahi would be happy? Or is that a full stop.?.

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