Kellogg's celebrates real life Aussies in new campaign via J. Walter Thompson, Sydney

Kellloggs Graded_1.1.2 med res (1).jpgWhat do a mermaid, a bikie, a crane-driver, and a State gymnastics team all have in common? They all love eating a perfect bowl of Kellogg's cereal.
They also feature in a new Kellogg's campaign, created by J. Walter Thompson Sydney, launching this week, featuring a diverse group of real life Australians sharing the unique way each one enjoys 'My Perfect Bowl'.
The documentary-style ads feature ten groups of real families and friends, all genuine Kellogg's fans, debating their version of perfect. The unscripted testimonials show the many mysterious and wonderful ways Australians enjoy their cereal - from Dane, who works on a crane and eats his Just Right while watching the city wake 30 storeys up, to Colin who's been a fan of Corn Flakes for 65 years, and Annie Mation, a drag queen who loves her Rice Bubbles after doing a late-night show.  All true stories that are irreverent and, at times, touching.

Kellloggs Graded_1.3.1 med res (1).jpgThe cast was found by reality TV casting agent, Lucky Price, of The Block fame, who was engaged by J. Walter Thompson late last year to take to the street and social media to find true Kellogg's fans who would allow a crew into their homes - and bowls.
Says Lucky: "To have the opportunity to apply a television approach to casting an advertising campaign is really exciting. From bikers to baristas, school teachers to surfers, you name it, we saw it. The quality of our submissions was incredible, the final cast was whittled down from almost seven thousand respondents."
Says Sinead Roarty, creative director, J Walter Thompson, Sydney: "We wanted to show the genuine love Australians have for the brand, yet My Perfect Bowl isn't just a campaign about cereal. It's a portrait of contemporary Australia. Our goal was to not only find what unites and connects us, but to also celebrate how different and diverse we are."
She said the campaign also aims to get people across the nation talking about their kind of perfect bowl, by encouraging fans to enter the debate using the hashtag #perfectbowl.
Says Tamara Howe, marketing director, Australia and New Zealand, Kellogg's: "Everyone has their own way of enjoying their Kellogg's cereal. Whether it's the topping they put on or the time of day they have it, it's their perfect bowl - and why mess with perfection? We wanted to ignite debate amongst fans while celebrating the simple, universal joy of having a perfect bowl of one of Australia's most loved cereals."
My Perfect Bowl is an extension of a global campaign which kicked off in the UK last year. The 60-second TV is supported by a suite of 15-second spots and longer-form online content, social and packaging.
My Perfect Bowl Credits
Creative and Strategy: J. Walter Thompson Sydney   
Chief Creative Officer: Simon Langley
Creative Director: Sinead Roarty
Senior Creative / Art Director: Alex Antoniou
Client Services Director: Ana Lynch
Senior Strategist: Heather Morrison
Group Account Director: Kyle Abshoff
Account Manager: Ellie Sutton
Head of Production: Jackie Archer
Production Company: AIRBAG
Director: Will Horne
DoP: Simon Ozolins
Editor: Ben Zemanek
Executive Producer: Alex Tizzard
Producer:  Christine Tan
Casting: Lucky Price, Lucky Break Creative
Post Production: Hogarth  
Post Producer:  Erin McGookin
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
Online Artist: Heather Galvin
Music Studio: Song Zu Sydney
Composer: Ramesh Sathiah
Sound Designer: Abby Sie
Sound Producer: Jessica Bonney  
Client: Kellogg's
Marketing Director ANZ: Tamara Howe
Portfolio Marketing Manager: Jeci David
Brand Manager: Derek Lau


What they have in common... said:

is being the result of a cliched brainstorm.

P said:

I love this!
As always, hats off to you S&A.

Chingy said:

Nicely done, big Willy.

Pah. said:

Perfect bowl? Give me a break, nobody talks or thinks like this.

The pictures are nice. said:


honest opinion said:

I just threw up in my mouth.

Hmmmm said said:

It feels more like actors pretending they love cereal rather than a street cast. Plus it's category generic so expect cereal sales for Sanitarium and Uncle Toby's to go up while this airs.

Meanwhile in the upside down.... said:
poor message said:

you know what else you can have a perfect bowl of? Every other brand of cereal. Better yet, have the perfect toast for breakfast instead

Corny said:

Why Pr the local adaptation of another agency’s work then squeeze every ad cliche into the one spot?

Exactly the sort of advertising JWT are known for said:

Perfectly nice, middle-of-the-road.

How embarrassing said:

To pass this off as you're own work, when we all know it's Burnett's UK campaign re-made. Take a long look at yourselves.

Not that the UK stuff is all that - it's just as cringeworthy - but unlike BMF who appropriated McCann Manchester's work for Aldi, you didn't even try to make it better.

If you were more honest with yourselves, there might be more authenticity in your work. Go shake your pants in the corner.

Toilet bowl said:

This is bum sauce.

Actor spotter said:

Pretty sure they got paid a pretty penny

Real? said:

How can real feel so fake?

Oh, I know, we're in Kellogg's land.

A joke said:

Feels like the non original brigade is back making ads that are as boring as a cardboard box. Guess thats what you get in a dictatorship

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