Kia's new Cerato GT 'gets mean' in newly launched campaign via Innocean Australia

Cerato TVC Face-Grid (1).jpgIntroducing the all new Cerato GT in a bold and playful way, Kia Motors Australia has unleashed 'Get Mean', a fully integrated campaign, developed by Innocean Australia, to promote the sporty prowess of its new turbo-charged Cerato GT. Launching at this year's Australian Open, the campaign leverages Kia's lead sponsorship of one of the country's most anticipated sporting events.
The national campaign aims to present a more provocative side to the Kia brand and moves away from Kia's more traditional tone of voice with an unexpected creative idea that plays up to the athletic look and attitude of the all new Cerato GT: the first thing drivers notice when they press 'start' on the Cerato GT, is the mean sounding exhaust note.

Cerato OOH.jpgFeaturing Kia brand ambassador and tennis champion Rafael Nadal (amongst a host of colourful characters), the campaign enlists aCerato DigitalCitylight.jpg less broadcast centric approach with a TVC directing audiences to a fully-immersive 'Get Mean' digital gaming experience ( that aims to prove to players: the meaner you growl, the faster the Cerato GT will go.
Creative also comes to life on court-side LED screens, along with the Get Mean immersive gaming experience ready for tournament punters to interact with in a purpose-built gaming activation booth set up at Federation Square, in the heart of Melbourne. Digital, out of home advertising, social and street posters also support the campaign.
Says Steve Jackson, executive creative director, Innocean: "Automotive brands take themselves so seriously sometimes. This campaign injects a whole lot of fun into the category and a bit of attitude into the KiaCerato OOH Tram.jpg brand. You can't make the sound of the Cerato GT without pulling a mean face and you can't see the game without wanting to have a go yourself. A perfect fit for the AO launch with big crowds of people looking to have a little fun during the tennis."
Client: Kia Motors Australia
Chief Operating Officer: Damien Meredith
GM, Network Development: Manuel TyrasScreen Shot 2019-01-22 at 6.06.33 am.jpg
Brand Manager: Andrew Phan
Agency: Innocean Australia
Executive Creative Director: Steve Jackson
Creative Director: Paul Bruce
Creatives: Roy Leibowitz & Chris Wilson
Executive Producer: Craig SloaneScreen Shot 2019-01-22 at 6.06.53 am.jpg
Production Director: Warrick Nicholson
Senior Digital Producer: Jye Calder
Account Management: Jamie Clift, Nalisha Dahya & Amber Lowings
Director / Photographer: Simon Harsent @ Pool Collective
DOP: Matt Stewart
Post-Production: Heckler
Head of VFX: Jamie WatsonScreen Shot 2019-01-22 at 6.06.43 am.jpg
Executive Creative Director: Luca Ionescu
Executive Producer: Will Alexander
Senior VFX Producer: Amy Jarman
Head of 3D: Tom Corbett
Lead Editor: Andrew Holmes
Senior Colourist: Greg Constantaras
3D Artists: Tim Jarick, Dusan Marjanovic & Boris Fomin
VFX Artists: Younguck Ha & Bertrand Polivka
Animators: Fred Venet & Shaun Leong-Williams
Game Developers: Code on Canvas
Activation Partner: Bastion
Media: Innocean and Havas


Pretty sweeeeeet said:

For a car ad

might have thought about the print some more... said:

If you haven't seen the tvc, you'll look at the black woman's face and her expression says 'god that thing's pretty ugly'.

I look at the spanish bearded guy's expression I think he's reacting to a bad smell.
And the Indian guy gurning, well, the less said about that the better.

And what the hell is that blonde girl doing?

meh said:

Tedious straight man advertising.

Sniffer said:

If the strategy was 'the car to break wind in' the creatives knocked it out the park.

F**k off... said:

...the most annoying ad on during the tennis. Reminds me of people needing to shit.

Ouch. said:

Is the car meant to look good?
Looks like it handles like a toy. Look like the idea was more important than selling the care. Car looks like a matchbox and handles just as well.

noticed it said:

It's different... can't say that for most of the other car ads category blur
@Meh - what are your ideas for something un-tedious, kinky and gender fluid?

Whaaaaaat! said:

This is a baaaaaaaad aaaaaaad! And you know it is! So why PR it?

ah said:

No no they really think its good - they practically put the tea lady on the creds

Lame as said:

What are they doing over there?
And they ripped this off...

shotgun said:

the car in this takes a backseat and there's such a disconnect between the half-arsed idea and the visuals. and yes, wtf is the blonde doing with her face?!?

Producer trying to make the numbers work said:

Look! They even use staff at the agency as talent. That's kinda desperate!

KEEYAH! said:

Now available with an engine like every other car on the road.

Volkswagen did it better said:
Serrina said:

I hate when this comes on the tennis. Annoying, intrusive sound. Stupid faces.

@meh said:

Awesome of you and all the recent bandwaoners to heap shit on straight men. Are you driven by revenge? Who hurt you? How does your comment add anything to the conversation? Would it be OK, in your little world, to leave a comment such as 'Flowery gay man advertising'? It's either acceptable to discriminate on the basis of sexuality or it's not. Can't have it one way for the goose and another for the gander... or can you? Is there no level of shitbaggery that SJWs won't sink to?

@Meh said:

We come here to bitch and moan.
Who are you to silence us?
Are you a defender of free speech?
Or one of those 'progressives' who decides what's good for the majority?
Either way, you have added little to anything here...

AWARD student said:

You know what I'm going to say, right? So I'll leave it there.

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