Bonds promotes all-new 2019 Bonds Baby Search with latest 'Share the love' campaign via Emotive

Emotive_BondsConniePortrait-15 (1).jpgEmotive and Bonds have launched the 'Share the love' campaign promoting the all-new 2019 Bonds Baby Search.

The campaign repositions the 15-year-old contest into an inclusive celebration of babies across Australia. Underpinning this change was the insight that the best thing about love is sharing it. And sharing the love is exactly what the campaign has done to date, with record entry numbers achieved so far.

Emotive_BondsConniePortrait-6 (1).jpgSays Zane Pearson, creative director and director, Emotive: "To celebrate the unconditional love shared between parent and baby, and drive entries to this iconic Bonds competition, we knew a traditional campaign just wouldn't cut it. To do this bond justice, we recreated the Florence and the Machine song, 'You've Got the Love' with the beloved Australian artist Connie Mitchell of Sneaky Sound System. We then developed a music video and a suite of shorter video assets that brought the song to life against a backdrop of authentic parenting moments of joy, frustration and everything in-between."
Says Emily Small, head of marketing, Bonds: "This new approach evolves our 15-year-old Baby Search program, developing the contest to eliminate voting, offer daily winners and even include fur babies was a way to celebrate the families of Australia and the love they share. It required a new approach combined with detailed creative execution and we are really pleased in what Emotive has delivered."
In developing and refining the creative for Bonds, Emotive leveraged its proprietary Social to Scale process as an integral part of the go-to-market plan:
Step 1: Develop, seed and test the long-form music video
Step 2: Drawing upon testing results and social engagement of the long form video, Emotive gained invaluable insight into what scenes from the music video were resonating and why
Step 3: With these learnings in hand, Emotive then developed finely tuned :30 and :15 second cuts for scale across digital pre-roll.
Says Simon Joyce, CEO, Emotive: "From the insight, to the idea and the execution, this has been a terrific collaboration between Bonds and Emotive. Most importantly, the work continues to evolve as we optimize creatively through in market performance, ensuring we maximize engagement at all time via all platforms."
Emily Small: Head of Marketing  
Samara Anderson: Senior Brand Manager
CEO: Simon Joyce
Strategy Lead: Tyler Wilson
Business Director: Sarah Clifton
Creative Director: Andrew Cameron
Director: Zane Pearson
Executive Producer: Hayley-Ritz Pelling
Senior Producer: Natalie Dagher
Production Manager: Aimee Stewart
DOP: Simon Ozolins
Editor: Ben Kucharski
Audio & Sound Design: Ed Coleman, Chocolate Studios
Vocals: Connie Mitchell, Sneaky Sound System


Ew. said:

These make me so glad I'm childless.

Liv said:

Fur babies too? YESSSSSSS I LOVE IT

Yikes said:

Slaughtering a classic track with that cover.

Florence said:

After we slaughter a classic track it's open season.

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