Cummins&Partners appointed creative agency for A League's new expansion team Western United

WesternUnitedFC_Centred (2).jpgRecently announced new A League franchise Western United has appointed Cummins&Partners as its agency.

Having worked with the bid for the last 6 months, the agency continues the journey with the successful consortium.

Says Kirsty Muddle, co-founder of Cummins&Partners: "We have quite rich sporting credentials so we were pretty motivated to be part of the bid.
"Western United has a unique opportunity to be more than a football club. It has the privilege to represent over 160 nationalities in a vibrant and growing part of Melbourne."

Western United covers one of the biggest catchment areas in the A-League with over 1.6 million people living in the area.

Work begins immediately with the launch of name and colours out today.

Says Muddle: "The community's voice will be heard as we build the team in consultation with our supporters and our heartland. This is how we will create the founding mythology for Western United."


Not the AFL said:

Thought they were with AFL?

in the know said:

Cummins declined to pitch the AFL 18 months ago after a pretty successful run. Very happy with this new opportunity.

Get real said:

Cummins produced a load of pap on AFL.
They declined to pitch because they knew they couldn’t retain it and it wasn’t making them any money.

@get real said:

Did you work there/get KBd from there and are now bitter


Wish you could work on stuff like this and are therefore jealous


Matthew Guy said:

Hopefully they can make Western United a bigger success than their campaign for my election.

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