Industry Super Australia addresses unpaid super issues in latest work via The Shannon Company

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 6.58.45 am.jpgHot on the heels of the financial services Royal Commission, Industry Super Australia has launched a national campaign urging legislative reform to protect workers' superannuation entitlements.
The campaign created by behaviour change specialists, The Shannon Company, highlights that one in three Australian workers is owed superannuation payments.
TSC, managing director, Ian Forsyth, said research showed employees are missing out on more than $6 billion every year.

Says Forsyth: "ISA analysis of tax office data highlighted the issue with policy makers more than a year ago, however there's been little interest across the political spectrum.
"The campaign runs across TV, social media, digital platforms and search engine marketing, and seeks to create greater public awareness of just how many of us are missing out, how much we are missing out on, and urges politicians to act.
"ISA's recommended fix is to simply align the timing of superannuation payments with wage payments, which will greatly increase transparency and give workers a better opportunity to identify that they're missing out."
Client: Industry Super Australia
Alana Burnside: Director of Marketing
Creative: The Shannon Company, Alex Wadelton, James Shannon


Erasmus said:

The reason neither major party has taken an interest in the claim that Australians missed out on $6 billion in super is because the story is totally untrue and the ad ridiculously misleading.
As is hinted at near the end of the article, the issue is really just about the scheduling of super payments. The legislation currently allows companies to deposit the required Super Guarantee amount into employee’s super accounts every three months; the Unions and the Industry Super Network (same thing) want the money deposited monthly (which most companies do).
So most of that $6 billion is just money that’s not paid monthly - but it is paid, so there is no massive theft of super going on, as the ad implies.
There is a genuine issue with some companies that fail to pay their employee’s super, but this campaign just obscures and exaggerates the real story to promote a policy change that is far from the biggest issue with super - not when Labor is planning genuine theft of the super of self-funded retirees who manage their own super while giving those with industry funds a free pass (which is perhaps the real reason this misleading campaign is being run).

ian said:

erasmus,sounds like you are part of 1% of australians that expects the other 99% of australians to pay you a tax refund on money that you haven't paid tax.Clearly when a 1/3rd of australians have no super, there is a problem.

lol@erasmus said:

Dude, you never paid tax on that money therefore you do not need a tax refund on it.

Your boomer scam is coming to an end.

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