The inaugural All-Time Dream Team Legendary Lunch set for Thursday 14 March in Sydney

AWARD-legends-1.jpgAWARD-Legends-2.jpgTo celebrate the 40th anniversary of AWARD ~ yes, it has been that long ~ Campaign Brief is inviting many of the original creative legends to be our guests at the inaugural All-Time Dream Team Legendary Lunch, to held on Thursday 14th March at Kingsleys on Woolloomooloo Wharf.

CAP-MAKE-ADVERTISING-GREAT-AGAIN.jpgThe annual Lunch will honour those who laid the foundations of today's Australian advertising industry, which is now ~ pound for pound ~ the most awarded in the world.

But this lunch won't just be for the Best of the Best originals, most of whom are in their 70s. We're also opening up the event to any awarded creative, director, producer, photographer or typographer who has five or more pieces of work in the first 20 AWARD Annuals (or equivalent overseas such as D&AD and The One Show) prior to 1999. 

The cost per head is $125, which includes meal and drinks.


After lunch the fun will continue at The Tilbury.

The Lunch and After Lunch Drinks is not sponsored yet so if your company would like to support CB in this venture, please make contact with Lynchy.

Also, There are a number of genuine legends we've lost touch with (and are not on Facebook), so if you're one of them and want to attend, email Lynchy.

LUNCH-CAP-DEEPETCH.jpgPay it forward: Too young to be there, but will be one day? Nominate a legend to invite as your guest. Email Lynchy to organise.

(BTW, the All-Time Dream Team Legendary Lunch will be held each year on the nearest Thursday to March 15 ~ the Ides of March ~ the late, great Mike Chandler's birthday.)


Old CD Guy said:

Oh, how much younger we were.

Harpo said:

@Old CD Guy... you keep saying that... or maybe it's just a senior moment??

Nostalgic said:

Are you going to bring back the Legendary Line, Lynchy?

You should.

Old CD Guy said:


I only said it once.

You keep reading it again and again.

Pot, kettle, black?

@Nostalgic said:

Wouldn't that require bringing back Susie Chadwick?

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