My Cannes highlights: Ali Shabaz

AliShabaz_inCannes.jpgCampaign Brief Asia asked Cannes Lions delegates to nominate their highlights of the week, from both the work and personal experiences, at this year's Festival. Here's Grey Group's Chief Creative Officer, Ali Shabaz, who was Singapore's representative on the Outdoor jury.

Wish I'd done these.

Making a shortlist in Cannes these days is as good as winning a Lion a few years ago. Every single category, and I've lost count of how many there are, was packed with great work. But Outdoor in many ways was probably the most complicated.

Here's the thing, no one seems to know anymore what really is "outdoor". And the Jury, of which I was a part of, rightly concluded that everything is. Or at least, can be.

My Cannes highlights: Karen See

KarenSee_Keith Reinhard.jpgCampaign Brief Asia asked Cannes Lions delegates to nominate their highlights of the week. As Chief Communications officer for DDB Group Asia Pacific, Karen See is responsible for developing the communications and public relations strategy for the network. With a role that spans 33 agencies across 14 countries, she also manages DDB's regional creative council. Here's her highlights of the Festival this year.
To begin, I will start at the end. On the last night of the festival, I had dinner with the BackPacker intern, Mark van der Heijden. It was a rare opportunity of quiet following a jam-packed week of inspiring Cannes moments. We talked about his life, serendipity, and how it's all led to Wanderbrief. Just hours before, Mark was interviewed by the legendary Keith Reinhard, DDB Worldwide's Chairman Emeritus, a true gentleman and one of the last Mad Men of our times (see pic above).

HCL-Avitas appoints ITSA India following pitch

harish-natarajan.jpgITSA Mumbai has has been chosen to work with HCL-Avitas, the foray into healthcare of the $ 6.5 billion HCL enterprise. The win came at after a competitive pitch against several other Indian agencies including the incumbent FCB Ulka, JWT and Equus.

HCL-Avitas has entered the market as a "Networked Multi-specialty clinic" that offers World class healthcare driven by patient-centricity. With 8 multi-specialty networked clinics across Delhi-NCR and more to come, it is already NCR's largest chain of clinics to begin with and are coming up with more in the near future.
titanium jury pic.jpgThe Cannes Lions 2015 Titanium & Integrated jury had a star-studded field sitting on the jury. China's representative was one of the world's most awarded creatives, Ogilvy & Mather's Chief Creative Officer, Graham Fink. Campaign Brief Asia asked Fink to nominate the 5 best ideas he saw whilst judging and then his 5 best experiences from his week long time spent at the Festival.

The best idea I saw whilst judging, in fact the best idea I saw anywhere in the world this year, is the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge.

If I had one idea as good as this in my whole life, I'd die happy.

Our jury unanimously awarded it the Grand Prix for Good and it was very moving when the entire audience rose to their feet on the final night to give it a 5-minute standing ovation.
Eveready Presentation Board.jpgTBWA\Kuala Lumpur and Eveready have given a new lease on life to a long-forgotten household item, the torchlight. Inspired by the traditional Malaysian form of storytelling, Wayang Kulit (Shadow Play), the concept features a charming children's bedtime book - one that turns pre-bedtime into a magical, bonding experience for parents and kids.

The 'Eveready Book of Play', is anything but ordinary. At the flick of a flashlight button, each page comes alive. Intricately crafted cutouts work together with a simple beam of light to create projected illustrations on any wall.

Last week it won a Silver Lion in the Branded Content and Entertainment category at Cannes Lions 2015.

KittyLun_TerrySavage.jpgKitty Lun (left, with Cannes chairman Terry Savage) was China's representative on this year's Cannes Lions Press Jury. There was great debate over the final decision on the Grand Prix winner. Here Lowe China's Chairman and CEO takes us into the jury room and explains the extremely close final decision making process.

All the Cannes gold-silver-bronze and grand prix results are out. Everyone has gone home. The sun, sand, sea and the inconvenience of taxi strike in France is now a distant memory. Suddenly I remember I promised to send my Cannes diary to Campaign Brief Asia.
Instead of reporting who has won what, or brilliant speeches I heard in the Grand Audi, which everyone can check on the Cannes Lion website, I thought I owe everyone an explanation of what happened in the Press Jury Room when we voted on the controversial Press Grand Prix.
First of all, we had the best jury room among all categories. All press entries were in hard copy and there's no videos to view, our room is a sunny space with a huge wrap around balcony overlooking Le Croisette. 

LIA extends entry deadline to Wed, July 15

LIA-TROPHIES-thumb-200x316-146688.jpgLIA has extended its entry deadline to the new date of Wednesday, July 15.

For Entrants that have already completed the entry process, there is still time to enter newly released work.

All companies and/or individuals involved in the creative process are eligible to enter.

Entries submitted must be broadcast, published or released in a commercial environment with client approval between 1st July 2014 and 31st July 2015.


My Cannes highlights: Juhi Kalia

JuhiKalia.jpgCampaign Brief Asia asked Cannes Lions delegates to nominate their highlights of the week, from both the work and personal experiences, at this year's Festival. Here's J Walter Thompson's Global Brands ECD - Lux and Friso, Juhi Kalia.

I realise they are all cause-related pieces but big brand or not, the heart likes what the heart likes. These are my three most favourite pieces.

1.) Water for Africa, Marathon Walker won big in a few categories. It's like a punch to the stomach. Swift, simple and with the power to double you over in awe. What an amazing use of an existing platform.

Amidst 54,000 runners, at the Paris Marathon, a Gambian mother by the name of Siabatou Sanneh, also walked wearing her race number. But she walked with a 20 kg container of water on her head, while wearing her traditional dress and a sign that said ' this is how far women walk in Africa just to get water'. The dramatic visual contrast between the first world runners running for sport and a third world woman walking for life...
Michael Canning_72andSunny (1).jpgMichael Canning from 72andSunny LA served as a juror on this year's prestigious Cannes Lions Titanium and Integrated Jury. Campaign Brief caught up with Canning for an inside perspective on the work.

How were the Titanium Lions defined as a category this year?
When the Titanium Lion began it was defined as 'the way forward'. This year the jury hoped to find a few gems of work that hadn't been awarded too much or maybe even at all across other categories because they weren't easy to 'categorize'. We awarded five Titanium Lions and the Grand Prix was awarded to the piece of work that the jury thought was the most forward looking example of communication by a brand right now. The Titanium and Integrated jury also awards the 'Grand Prix for Good' from work across the festival that is created for a charitable purpose, and this was the easiest thing for the jury to select - It deservedly went to ALS Association for 'Ice Bucket Challenge'.

New digital hires at MEC Singapore

MEC Singapore.jpgMEC has announced a series of new digital hires in Singapore to fuel the agency's digital and data acceleration. Amy Dabbs joins MEC Singapore as its new Head of Digital, adding to a string of senior and specialist hires that started earlier this year with Kunal Robert joining as Digital Director and Joshua Campanella joining as Associate Digital Director.
Vento.jpgDDB Mudra West has launched a new campaign to showcase the New Vento premium sedan.

The tvc is a tale of the love received from the car being radiated. The key protagonist; in this case, the young guy is seen seemingly grooving inside his beautiful New Vento much to the amusement of passersby. What the viewers realize later is that all his funny gestures were to charm and amuse his cute chuckling toddler safely tucked out of view in the backseat.


My Cannes highlights: SheungYan Lo

Mayan_Cannes_1.jpgCampaign Brief Asia asked Cannes Lions delegates to nominate their highlights of the week, from both the work and personal experiences, at this year's Festival. Here's J Walter Thompson China's SheungYan Lo.

It's a very inspiring week. Surrounded by so many good seminars, forums, workshops, and most importantly great work, it's a rewarding week. This year, we see lots of soul searching from marketers, agencies, start-up, media, activists, entertainers and celebrities trying to become purposeful in this new era, and of course people have not stopped exploring the future scene of our industry will look like.  
No matter how rich the content of the week is, it's still about celebrating the best work from around the world.

My Cannes highlights: CK Tan

CK Tan_Cannes1.jpgCampaign Brief Asia asked Cannes Lions delegates to nominate their highlights of the week, from both the work and personal experiences, at this year's Festival. First up is BBDO Malaysia's Chee Keong Tan.

These are the three campaigns I hate most:

Marc Dorcel - Hands Off

Nivea - Doll

Fundacion Favalord - The Salt You Can See

These three campaigns have one thing in common. Brutally simple answers to a problem. They demonstrate a brilliant understanding of the audience and manage to address complicated issues with powerful and simple solutions.

Yes. They're so good I hate them.

Sean Boyle: Meditations in an Emergency

Sean Boyle.jpgby Sean Boyle
BrainJuicer Group, UK

Having stepped away from Cannes for a year, after a decade spent gurgling pink wine on the beach every June, it has been interesting to return as an observer rather than a jousting participant. I not only stepped away from Cannes. I stepped away from the entire ad industry: jaded, disillusioned, failed, fired, over-tired and over-emotional.

For all that, it was a surprisingly refreshing sojourn.

The 'key finding' was this enormous sense of just how unimportant and largely unnoticed the things we make are to the average Joe and Josie in the street. My last major gig before New York kicked me to touch, was with Gillette (but it could have been any big FMCG brand from Nestle, Kraft, Unilever, et al). Hundreds of people, all over the world, every hour, of every day, on long, long, conference calls, arguing, debating nuance, worrying about 'top right' and 'bottom left' ...cramming as much in the messaging as possible, as if that somehow will force the ad to sell more (hint: it won't!); lining the pockets of sportsmen and then not using them particularly well; following rules to the nth degree (never breaking them); never zagging while all the others zigged; making sure that every single time we spoke to a man with a piece of communication, we showed him (once again!) how to shave (just in case he hadn't quite grasped it the first bajillion times)...basically doing things the way they've always been done. Again and again. Over and over. Selectively ignoring the plaintive cries from consumers when they bellowed that the work was dull, garish, boring, uninteresting, uninspiring, sexist, plain stupid. Thinking...believing...that 'highly creative' advertising - yes, the sort of stuff that wins at Cannes - was not what REAL, PROPER, GROWN-UP marketing was all about but rather some sort of masturbatory exercise for agency creatives to keep them on side.
Scotchbrite.jpgScotch-Brite, a 3M brand, has been in India for over 26 years creating products that solve genuine consumer needs in the homecare space. Their diverse range of offerings include scrubbers, mops, wipes, sponges, brushes and more. Scotch-Brite has truly become synonymous with the home care category for scrubbers and is trusted by millions of households across the length and breadth of the country.

This new campaign, via Grey Group Bangalore, is to re-launch Scotch-Brite scrub pad, a unique wave-shaped scrubber with the power of stain cutters. In a low involvement category with very little perceived differentiation and where many small players with similar looking green pads exist, it was important to communicate the superiority of the Scotch-Brite scrub pad. Hence the agency's starting point was to identify the one singular benefit and elevate it - its long life.

AQUA_Ramadan 2015.jpgDanone has released new work to educate consumers on the importance of healthy hydration while fasting for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which started on 18 July 2015. The 2-4-2 campaign for AQUA was developed by Y&R Group Indonesia.

The TV and print campaign features local celebrity Ferdi Hassan, whose name is jokingly changed to Feri Hausan (meaning 'Always Thirsty' in Bahasa Indonesia) for on-line videos as part of a major digital component.

Veksner: Hidden gems of Cannes 2015

Screen+Shot+2015-06-23+at+6.11.38+pm.jpgBy Simon Veksner
Creative Partner, DDB Sydney

While the Grand Prix and Golds get most of the attention, I like to pick through the Silver and Bronze pile, to find the hidden gems.

These are the ads that won't change the world, and didn't get huge coverage (if any) in the trade press, but are nevertheless excellent. In my opinion, obvs. READ ON...

Musonda Katongo's Cannes Diary: Days 5 - 9

IMG_0525.jpgMusonda Katongo, head of design at Y&R NZ, is sitting on the Design Lions jury. Katongo, along with many other jurors is reporting exclusively for Campaign Brief.

After the long day before, in which we settled the short list, I was optimistic that awarding the metal would be an easier process. I was wrong.

We ended up spending 17 virtually uninterrupted hours voting and re-voting on each of the 240 odd shortlisted entries.

Paul Yole in Cannes: 5 take-outs from the last day

Paul Yole Cannes 2015.jpgPaul Yole has been blogging from the Cannes Lions Festival for the past 9 years. This year he is highlighting 5 points a day for his daily coverage.


Amir Kassaei, Chief Creative Officer of DDB Worldwide, delivered a seminal talk in the Palais on Friday. Although this was a much more subdued Amir than we are used to, his presentation was incredibly emotional, impassioned, provocative and timely.

Following a week in which industry legends Dave Trott  and Jeff Goodby held up the mirror to our industry, and controversy erupted over a Grand Prix winner this week, Amir rounded it out in the most heartfelt and compelling way possible.

I firmly believe that creative awards are very important, for reasons I won't go into here. I also think that events such as Cannes Lions can play a critical role in inspiring and educating our industry. But right now, we have to question whether we are going about it the right way as an industry.
Claire Davidson_CannesPic5.jpgClaire Davidson is back in Cannes taking in the seminars and reporting for Campaign Brief Asia. Here's her round up of the speaker sessions on Day 7 of the Festival.

Saturday, June 27, 2015
We've reached the final day of a very, very successful week at the Cannes Lions 2015.  It has been non stop 24/7, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise shared with and by us all.  It hasn't been without controversy, particularly yesterday with the Lucky Iron Fish campaign and Product Design Grand Prix award, but then again Cannes wouldn't be Cannes without some form of controversy.  There is so much passion within our industry that people are going to speak up and voice their opinion, particularly when ideas, morals and ethics come into play.

Craig Buchanan's Cannes in Pictures - 3

3_image1.jpegThousands of words are written about Cannes, so we asked The Brand Agency Creative Director Craig Buchanan to do a visual diary of the world's biggest creative communications festival. Here's his final instalment of what caught his eye in the last few days of Cannes 2015.

Ogilvy_CannesNetwork.jpgDroga5_CannesWin.jpgThe Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity ended last night with the presentation of the special "Of the Year" awards.

Agency of the Year was given to R/GA New York. Grey New York came second and Ogilvy Brasil, São Paulo third.

Independent Agency of the Year went to Droga5, New York. Second place Wieden+Kennedy, Portland and third to Wieden+Kennedy, London.

The Palme d'Or, given to the most awarded production company, was presented to Smuggler USA. Blink UK came second and Somesuch UK third.

The Network of the Year award was presented to Ogilvy & Mather with BBDO Worldwide taking second place and, the improver of the year, Grey in third.

Also awarded was the Holding Company of the Year which went to WPP. Omnicom took second place and Publicis Groupe third.
ALS_Cannes.jpgThe Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Good this year has been awarded to the creators of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

At the announcement at the Festival's final awards show in Cannes tonight they received a standing ovation from the audience.

(Photo Credit: Tay Guan Hin + Ronald Ng)

3 second cooking.jpgFrom Asia's 14 shortlists in the Film Lions category at the Cannes Advertising Festival, only 1 entry made the cut to pick up a Lion. Tokyu Agency/NTT Advertising/ AOI Pro Tokyo picked up a Silver Lion for the "3-Second Cooking" campaign, which won Gold earlier in the night in Film Craft.

Australia scored two Bronze Lions. DDB Melbourne and Revolver/Will O'Rourke Sydney have scored a Bronze Lion for Devondale, 'Take Over'. McCann Melbourne and AIRBAG Melbourne have scored its Bronze Lion for Tigerair 'Infrequent Flyer'.

Two Grand Prix awards were presented - to F/NAZCA Saatchi & Saatchi Brasil for Leica Gallery "100" and GEICO "Unskippable: Family Long Form" from The Martin Agency, USA.

VIEW THE WINNERS - Film Winners.xls
3 second cooking.jpgAsia has been awarded one Gold Lion and two Silver Lion in the Branded Content + Entertainment Lions presented tonight in Cannes.

Tokyu Agency/NTT Advertising/ AOI Pro Tokyo picked up the Gold Lion for the "3-Second Cooking" campaign for NTT Docomo.

Hakuhodo Tokyo/Hahuhodo Kettle Tokyo were awarded a Silver Lion for Suntory "Ninja High School Girl". And TBWA Malaysia scored a Silver Lion for their Eveready Battery & Torchlights " The Eveready Book of Play".

Clemenger BBDO and Curious Film Auckland also walked away with a Gold Lion for NZTA 'Tinnyvision'.

VIEW THE WINNERS - Branded Content & Entertainment Winners.xls
3 second cooking.jpgJapanese production company AOI Pro has won a Gold Lion in the Film Craft category at the Cannes Lions. They won for the "3-Second Cooking" campaign.

Plantit Seoul/Adict Media Films won a Bronze Lion for an Innocean Korea "Message to Space" film.

Australia scored one Silver Lion and two Bronze Lions. Exit Films Melbourne scored its Silver Lion for Samsung 'Everyday Is Day One' with 72andSunny Amsterdam and Smuggler London.
CleverBuoyWater.jpgAsia has missed out in the Titanium & Integrated Lions at the Cannes Advertising Festival.

Australia scored one Titianium Lion - for
M&C Saatchi Sydney's Optus 'Clever Buoy'.

VIEW THE WINNERS - Titanium and Integrated Winners.xls

The Titanium Grand Prix went to CP+B Boulder for Dominos "Emiji Ordering".

Grand Print in Integrated went to Wieden + Kennedy New York for Jordan Brand "Re2pect".
MattEastwood_Proud.jpg#ProudLogos has been launched by J. Walter Thompson, who earlier this week changed its logos on its website and social channels. The agency also invited its network of 10,000 employees to make their office signatures "proud," reflecting the colors of the rainbow flag, the universal symbol of pride and diversity among the LGBTQ community.

Today the company evolved its campaign to also include #ProudPhotos. This site allows anyone to make photos of themselves "proud" by uploading them to the rainbow tool on J. Walter Thompson's goal is demonstrate acceptance for all.

With the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, the campaign expanded to become even more meaningful in what has become a historic day for the gay rights movement.

The bite size highlights of Cannes Lions

Seven or eight minute bite size highlights of all the action from the seminars at the 2015 Cannes Lions.

Tinder's Founder, SY Lau, artist Emilie Baltz and BrandOpus.

Marilyn Manson, Evan Spiegel, Jessica Walsh and Syl Saller.

Pharrell Williams, Jamie Oliver, Tim Berners-Lee and Sir David Brailsford.

Sir Martin Sorrell, R/GA, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Kim Kardashian West.

James Murdoch, Heineken, Jeff Goodby and David Guetta.

Brian Grazer, McKinney, Amir Kassaei and Al Gore.
Claire Davidson_Cannes pic.jpg
Claire Davidson is back in Cannes taking in the seminars and reporting for Campaign Brief Asia. Here's her round up of the speaker sessions on Day 6 of the Festival.

Friday, June 26, 2015
This morning I caught "The Cannes Debate:  Sir Martin Sorrell In A Conversation with Al Gore".  Sir Martin Sorrell is the Founder and CEO of WPP and Al Gore as we all know is a Former US Vice President and president of the Climate Reality Project.

The discussion this morning centred on the role of communications in political and environmental campaigning.  Gore talked to us about Live Earth: Road to Paris. In November the world leaders will meet in Paris to determine the future of our planet. They want to unite a billion voices to deliver one single message: TAKE CLIMATE ACTION NOW. They want zero global warming pollution and they want zero extreme poverty.  This year standards will be tabled and applied to ALL countries around the world. The single message to the world leaders will be it's our planet and our voice must be heard. So sign up at
Lucky Fish.jpgThe Cannes Lions organisers have swiftly investigated and issued a statement over yesterday's Campaign Brief Asia story exposing the concerns surrounding the validity of this year's Product Design Grand Prix winner, "Lucky Iron Fish" from Geometry Global Dubai and Memac Ogilvy MENA. The story has grabbed global industry attention with over 25,000 hits and nearly 2,000 Facebook likes.

In short, the right outcome has been reached and Lucky Iron Fish is now the sole recipient of the Grand Prix in Product Design. From the Cannes Lions perspective this will help in further years to stamp out confusion, and move the category towards the prestige and standing of the D&AD Product Design category. Campaign Brief is assuming, but it is not stated, that Geometry Global, Ogilvy and WPP will not receive Cannes Agency, Network, Ranking points on this entry

Here's the Cannes statement in full:

Following reports concerning the validity of this year's Product Design Grand Prix Winner, "Lucky Iron Fish" from Geometry Global Dubai and Memac Ogilvy MENA, the organisers of Cannes Lions have undertaken further investigation. We have received prompt written confirmation from both Gavin Armstrong, President and CEO of the Lucky Iron Fish company and Dr Christopher Charles, who developed the original prototype, that they worked in close partnership with the agencies concerned. This follows below.
Baidu.jpgBindi.jpgBaidu Online Network Technology China and Grey Group Singapore have both been awarded Innovation Lions at the Cannes Advertising Festival.

Only 8 Innovation Lions were awarded with the Grand Prix going to the outstanding '3 Words To Address The World' for What3Words London.

Baidu Online Network Technology China won for Baidu Kuaison "Smart Chopsticks" and Grey Group Singapore won for their already highly-awarded Talwarbindi "Life Saving Dot".

Two other Innovation Lions went to Australian agencies, meaning Asia Pacific accounted for 50% of awards won in this category.

The Grand Prix winner "What3Words" replaces traditional addresses with a unique three-word combination based on geographical co-ordinates for each 3m x 3m square of the planet. The system has particular applications in the developing world and was cited by Jury President, Nick Law, Global Chief Creative Officer, R/GA as an example of systematic, Silicon Valley thinking - relevant, he said, because, "As a jury, we were very concerned about problems to be solved."

VIEW THE WINNERS - Innovation winners.xls
REVIVING LEGENDS.jpgFrom a total of 28 Creative Data Lions handed out at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity Asia has walked from the stage with 5.

The star of the competition was Dentsu Tokyo with a Gold, Silver and Bronze Lion for Japan Sports Council "Reviving Legends".

Hakuhodo Tokyo picked up a Silver for Mercedes Benz "Crossword Targetting". Red Fuse Hong Kong won a Bronze Lion for Colgate "Hidden Sugar Receipt".

VIEW THE WINNERS - Creative Data Winners.xls
Comfort Softtest.jpgTen entries from Asia have made the cut at the shortlist stage of the Cannes Branded Content Lions. Japan leads the way with 3 shortlists; Singapore has 2 and singles to Malaysia, Taiwan, India, The Philippines and South Korea.

From Japan Hakuhodo Tokyo, Dentsu Tokyo and Tokyu Tokyo have made the shortlist and both of Singapore's shortlists are for Ogilvy & Mather's Comfort "The Softtest".

Single shortlists go to TBWA Kuala Lumpur, Leo Burnett Taiwan, O&M Mumbai, ACE Saatchi & Saatchi Philippines and Innored South Korea. (see below)

There were 143 shortlists across the Branded Content category.

VIEW THE BRANDED CONTENT SHORTLIST: Branded Content & Entertainment Shortlist.xls

Face of Litter.jpgLook at me_logo2_mom_son.jpgOgilvy & Mather and Cheil Worldwide South Korea are the only Asian agencies to make it through to the Lion judging in the prestigious Cannes Titanium and Integrated Lions.

Lions in this category are considered the most sought after in the whole Festival. Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong is shortlisted for Hong Kong Cleanup's "The Face of Litter". The campaign used DNA phenotyping to put a face to litterbugs.

Cheil Worldwide South Korea is shortlisted for Samsung's "Look at Me" campaign - already a multiple Lion winner at the Festival this year. The Samsung app was designed to help autistic children to communicate with other.

Just 37 entries were shortlisted in the category.

VIEW THE TITANIUM & INTEGRATED SHORTLIST: Titanium & Integrated shortlist.xls

Cannes2015_Ambient2.jpgThe final three category shortlists for the 2015 Cannes Advertising Festival have just been released

The blue-chip Titanium & Integrated category has 37 shortlisted entries; Branded Content has 143 and Film Craft 177.

VIEW THE TITANIUM & INTEGRATED SHORTLIST: Titanium & Integrated shortlist.xls
VIEW THE BRANDED CONTENT SHORTLIST: Branded Content & Entertainment Shortlist.xls

Lucky Fish.jpgCB Exclusive: It wouldn't be Cannes without controversy.

Question marks are been raised over the origins of the Product Design Grand Prix at the Cannes Lion. It was won by Geometry Global Dubai for the "Lucky Iron Fish Project", but social media and Wikipedia are suggesting that Geometry Global are not the people who created this worthwhile product.

The credits on the entry list the involvement of Singapore advertising agency Arcade, and its co-founders, Gary Tranter and Matt Cullen. However, both are embarrassed by their names, and footage that they created for a Google job, being used in the Cannes awards entry.

Tranter calls "Bullshit" on the entry, which he says implies Geometry "spotted a need, came up with the Iron Fish idea and somehow designed the little fish".

This morning Tranter released this statement below:

BBDO Visa PayWave.jpgBBDO and Proximity Singapore has released a new Visa payWave Singapore campaign, the first of its kind specifically developed to speak to a uniquely Singaporean audience.

The campaign is targeted at Singapore's heartland consumers will roll out on TV, OOH, Digital, Cinema, and social media.
Visa payWave has been a leader in the contactless payment category in Singapore since it was introduced in 2007. While many Singaporeans own a Visa payWave card, they may not be using it as they are unaware of how easy and convenient contactless payment is. The new Uncle Sim campaign was developed to communicate the simple benefits of using Visa payWave so that there will be higher penetration of contactless payments in Singapore. For example, the campaign showed that consumers could buy daily use items across Singapore in a simple and convenient manner without having to fumble for cash.
Claire Davidson Pic_cannes.jpgClaire Davidson is back in Cannes taking in the seminars and reporting for Campaign Brief Asia. Here's her round up of the speaker sessions on Day 5 of the Festival.

Thursday, June 25, 2015
The hallways of the Palais Des Festivals were a little empty first thing this morning, which is not surprising after all of the official parties really kicked off last night.  It seems that every single Cannes Lions delegate was out in force at events ranging from the Finnish Sauna Party, the Location Guide / PSN Soiree, the Rushes Party, the Facebook Awards, the Swedish Pool Party, the Pitstop Party and of course the culmination of the massive massive Massive Music / Media Monks extravaganza.  I hate to think how much rose was drunk by all last night.  Happily, we all woke up giggling with our smart phones reading about the couple caught on camera having an amorous romp on our very own red carpet the Palais Des Festivals at 4.30am this morning.

Paul Yole in Cannes: 5 take-outs from day 5

Paul Yole Cannes 2015.jpgPaul Yole has been blogging from the Cannes Lions Festival for the past 9 years. This year he is highlighting 5 points a day for his daily coverage.

Someone asked me yesterday if I'd seen any real highlights this week. I said that although there have been some good sessions, I was still waiting for the one that was worth the entire cost of the trip.
I may have seen it today in the form of the 72andSunny forum talk entitled 'How to grow the people you want to hire.' It was delivered by CEO John Boiler, Director of Talent Sedef Onar and Maria Scileppi , the Director of the agency's development program, 72U.
There are two reasons for my enthusiasm.
First, it gave me confidence that, judging by 72andSunny's 350% growth over the last three years, a lot of the talent initiatives we've put in place at my agency seem to be on the right lines.




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