Damon Stapleton: Mavericks in the echo chamber

images.jpgA regular blog by Damon Stapleton, chief creative officer of DDB New Zealand

"We are defining the boundaries of normality by tearing apart the people outside it."

"We see ourselves as nonconformist, but I think all of this is creating a more conformist, conservative age." - Jon Ronson, So You've Been Publicly Shamed.

The last couple of weeks I have struggled to write anything. I have even contemplated stopping this blog. I had this feeling of dread that all I was doing was contributing to the pollution. Yet one more fucking opinion. I have found myself with glazed eyes scrolling through the echo chamber that is LinkedIn. Hundreds of posts where everybody has some new definition or answer. Jargon and 5 point plans that claim to be radical but are in fact the exact opposite. More than that though, there seems to be this overwhelming feeling of trying to get to some sort of collective consensus. A sea of sameness. We should conform. Nobody really steps out of the square. A hall of mirrors desperately trying to create a single, politically correct, inoffensive reflection.
Andre Sallowicz & SImon Vicars - Colenso BBDO-web.jpgAfter a three month exchange to Colenso BBDO in 2014, senior art director Andre Sallowicz has returned to work permanently at the Auckland agency.

Sallowicz (near left) comes highly awarded from AlmapBBDO, where he spent five years working on VW, Pedigree, Havaianas, and Getty Images, among other clients. In his short stint at Colenso he helped to conceptualise DB Export 'Brewtroleum', alongside Matt Lawson, Brett Colliver and Simon Vicars.
"Colenso has a huge reputation around the world for doing ideas that seem impossible and I could taste that in my first time here. So the invitation to come back and work with Simon, an outstanding copywriter, was perfect. I'm looking forward to working with Wortho, this great team and the best clients in New Zealand", says Sallowicz.
MotoRepellent.jpgThumbnail image for McWhopper_chicago outdoor_32-SMALL.jpgThe winners of the 9th annual Ad Stars awards were announced tonight in a gala ceremony in Busan, South Korea, with BBDO Bangkok and Y&R New Zealand both winning Grand Prix of the Year - and US$10,000 a piece in prize money.

Y&R New Zealand won Grand Prix of the Year for Burger King's 'Peace One Day' campaign. This campaign challenged McDonald's to end its battle with Burger King by creating one unified burger, the McWhopper.

BBDO Bangkok won Grand Prix of the Year for 'MotoRepellent: Saving Lives one Ride at a Time' for the Duang Prateep Foundation. The agency designed a device that turns exhaust fumes from motorbikes into mosquito repellent. Instead of omitting pollutants, the device kills mosquitos and tackles malaria.

Colenso BBDO, Auckland won the Grand Prix in five categories for DB Export 'Brewtroleum' - in Integrated, Innovation, Outdoor, Promotion and Media.

Jeremy Craigen, Global Chief Creative Officer at Innocean Worldwide, was one of five Executive Judges leading this year's jury panels. He said, "MotoRepellent also won Gold in the Outdoor category this year. It's a brilliant, modern use of the outdoor medium, and it's one of those campaigns that has its roots in Thailand but could become a powerful global idea."

Guerrero: Creativity is a gift, so keep on giving

Adstars_David Guerrero.jpgDavid Guerrero delivered a talk yesterday about how creatives can give something back at the Ad Stars Festival, currently underway in Busan South Korea.

As Creative Chairman of BBDO Guerrero in Manila, he's a creative and an environmentalist. He sits on the board of Clean Air Asia, which by coincidence is meeting in Busan two days after AD STARS.

"It's like attending one conference dedicated to ending the world, and one dedicated to saving it," he says.

"Our industry is responsible for making people consume things. Advertising is often seen as evil. When I began my career the brief was clear: sell more, from coast to coast. Resources seemed abundant, people were hungry for things to buy."
Wayne Pick.jpgWayne Pick, Executive Creative Director at Colenso BBDO/Proximity Auckland explained his approach to 'creativity with a purpose' at AD STARS 2016, currently underway in Busan, South Korea.

Pick (pictured) nearly didn't make it to AD STARS this year. He was marooned by a typhoon at Narita airport for 20 hours, and his eyeball was slashed by a low-flying drone inside Colenso's offices a week ago.

Finally though, he did make it to AD STARS to present a session called, 'Creativity with Purpose'. He shared the principles that inspire the work created at Colenso BBDO/Proximity, one of New Zealand's most celebrated agencies.

1. Ask 'why?'
Pick began his session by asking why more brands and agencies don't ask 'Why?' more often. It's not enough for brands to explain what they're selling - they need to figure out a purpose.

When Colenso was developing a campaign for New World supermarkets, New Zealand ranked 8th in the UN Happiness Index - not good enough.

So the agency gave New World the purpose of making New Zealanders happier, with the goal of attaining the #1 rank on the Happiness Index, beginning with an internal communications campaign to get staff on board.
Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 8.33.42 am.jpgHeinz Wattie's has launched a fully integrated TTL campaign via The Business, for Wattie's Baked Beans and Spaghetti.
Says Shelley Smith, group marketing manager for Wattie's Quick Serve Meals: "Wattie's Baked Beans and Spaghetti are iconic products that Kiwis have an emotional connection with. We wanted to celebrate and remind people why they're not just a product for the pantry but a part of who we are."
Says Ben Cochrane, managing director, The Business: "Our strategy was to reflect the core truth of Wattie's Baked Beans and Spaghetti. They're an informal product for informal occasions - in many ways they're opposite of pretentiousness. In that respect, we wanted to bring some attitude to the brands, have some fun and not take ourselves too seriously."

0067KWR-RailSafetyWeek-RSW_still_04[2] (1).jpgAs part of the annual Rail Safety Week campaign, TrackSAFE NZ, KiwiRail and Clemenger BBDO have created an experimental new way to make pedestrians more alert at railway level crossings.

'The Conscious Crossing' is a cost-effective series of moveable gates, designed to be put in places where expensive warning signals can't be installed.

Says Megan Drayton, TrackSAFE NZ foundation manager: "When you approach a crossing you're taking a risk. But familiarity makes you less alert to danger, and as a result people often don't take a moment to check for trains. The Conscious Crossing could solve this dilemma."

Matt.jpgmeghan (1).jpgOMD Wellington has announced today that after six successful years, managing director Matt McNeil will be stepping down to focus his efforts on a start-up venture and current head of digital/ business director Meghan Signalness has been appointed acting general manager.

Says Kath Watson, CEO, OMD: "During Matt's tenure, the team at OMD Wellington has continued to be very successful, growing and developing into the preeminent media agency in Wellington.  We've taken on a large number of new clients over that time and a lot of that success can be attributed to Matt's drive and vision."
Says McNeill: "I've been fortunate to be able to continue the OMD Wellington success story due to some great loyal clients and the OMD team.
Busan, Korea (1).jpgAD STARS is welcoming creative professionals from all over the world to the 9th annual AD STARS festival, which kicks off today in Busan, South Korea.

Over the next three days AD STARS 2016 will host a program of seminars, exhibitions, workshops and parties, culminating in an Awards Ceremony and Closing Gala this Saturday night, 27th August.

The theme of AD STARS 2016 is 'Break', and the program celebrates creative thinkers who are breaking new ground by taking risks and pushing the industry forward.

Says Eui-Ja Lee, co-chairperson of AD STARS' executive committee: "We can confidently say that AD STARS has opened a new prospect in the field of global ad festivals. While only 3,105 pieces from 29 countries were entered in 2008, this year 18,063 entries from 61 countries were submitted. AD STARS will keep moving forward with our goal to discover new creative ideas all over the world."

This year for the first time AD STARS is introducing ad:tech@AD STARS and Game Stars, expanding its territory to marketing technology and branded entertainment marketing.
AAEAAQAAAAAAAAd_AAAAJGQ0NzhiMTNjLWE0MzEtNDNiMC04YzY3LWE1MzM2Mzc3NjU1Nw.jpgBy Faris Yakob (left), founder and principle, Genius Steals, New York
In 2009, I helped the London International Awards define a new category to reflect how advertising was evolving outside of traditional media. It grew from a desire to move things forward, because nothing inspires different kinds of work like new award categories.

We created the "NEW" category to look for generative mutations -- ideas that could create new types of advertising and new roles for the agencies that midwife them. And things did change in response to the incentives categories like the "NEW" created. Unfortunately, in the wrong way.

Agencies that didn't understand technologies, or consumers, or culture, created endless "prototypes," or worse, fakes.

Learning from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, everyone upped their case-study game. They were first to embrace the fact that awards are how agencies advertise themselves. With the awakening of the industry's conscience, agencies started finding causes they could pretend to care about and create fake solutions for.
unnamed (1).jpgRobber's Dog has announced the signing of award-winning director, Robin Walters, to its expanding roster.

Walters has a reputation as one of the most original and perceptive directors working in the entire Asia Pacific region. Known for both comedy and drama, Walters' work has been commended throughout the industry as some of the honest and funniest to come out of Australasia in recent years.

Having worked with brands including Ebay, NZTA, Hyundai, Nibble, McDonald's and Spark, to name but a few, he has been providing his unique approach to shortform commercials for over a decade.
Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.21.30 AM.jpgLast October, Facebook launched slideshows on Facebook and Instagram. Slideshow is a tool that lets advertisers easily build lightweight videos from a set of photos or an existing video.

Slideshow ads have now been viewed in over 200 countries, and over half of the advertisers using it have never used video on Facebook before.

Although slideshow was created to allow advertisers to use video-like ads in areas with slow connections, it's become a great asset for large and small businesses around the world who want an easy, cost-effective way to showcase products and tell their brand story. Slideshows can be created in just minutes with little or no production costs and are more engaging than still image ads.
Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.23.31 AM.jpgThe Starship Foundation has launched its latest fundraising ad campaign. This time around, they wanted to remind its national donor base that Starship isn't just for Aucklanders.

Says Andrew Sims, creative director, Republik: "All too often there's another tragic story of a Kiwi kid from around the country being rushed to Starship. The power and gravitas of the nightly news reports are undeniable, we just needed Sky, Canwest and TVNZ to put their rivalry to one side and come together for our cause."

Starship is New Zealand's only national children's hospital and has nearly 130,000 patient visits a year, so it's not surprising that the Starship Foundation need public support to ensure that our kids and their families continue to get the best care and support.

00bfa552c131ff44839b81bf_372x560 (1).jpgWhen entering awards, production companies, post-production houses, editing facilities and music and sound companies are under the belief that if an agency enters their work, there is no reason for them to enter the work as well.

It may make some practical sense in theory - no need to duplicate an entry into LIA, right?

The world of advertising awards was built around celebrating the idea, not the execution. But today the way in which ads are made is so advanced, and the ideas so reliant upon creating the impossible, it takes many individual skills and expertise to make each campaign a reality.

Says Barbara Levy, president, London International Awards: "When agencies enter LIA, they don't necessarily enter work into the categories from which production companies, post-production houses, editing facilities and music and sound companies would most benefit, instead choosing product and service categories that aren't judged at all for the craft or specific technique.
DAVID_2016.jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's guest judge is David Guerrero, chairman and chief creative officer, BBDO Guerrero based in the Philippines.

Winner: The IKEA + Hay collaboration. On which: the bad news first. It's not funny. There's no explanation. And there's an empty room where an idea might be. They were apparently unable to show the product and are no doubt better off for that. But it is refreshingly weird and beautifully executed. It will probably get a large share of thumb among architects and designers. And has - as it has set out to do - made me curious to see the new collection. READ MORE...
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.31.07 AM.jpgIndago Digital shares its opinions and its insights on a recent marketing experiment. The piece is about how marketing agencies can provide better results by being the client's customer and experiencing their services.

As a marketing agency are you best placed to market a business, product or service if you have not experienced or purchased it yourself? Or maybe the question is - would you be better placed to market that business, product or service if you had experienced or purchased it directly?

Any intelligent person would be hard pressed to say no. For that reason, the only logical next question is why is this not a prerequisite for any agency or individual marketing a product or service?

At Indago Digital we are lucky to work with Kirsty Phillips and Martyn Whitley at Ngāi Tahu Tourism who not only understand the importance of this concept, they demand it. For that very reason part of our team have spent the past five days in Queenstown enjoying ourselves at a number of their tourist experiences. We definitely had a blast but what was the client benefit and was the joint investment worthwhile?
AOTY 2016 (1).jpgEntries are now open for the 2016 $10,000 Newspaper Ad of the Year award, the largest cash prize in the NZ industry.

Entry is free and easy, and any ad that has run in NZ newspapers or on NZ Newspaper Brand websites between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016 is eligible. Entrants have until 5pm on Friday 2 September to upload entries. Winners will be announced early October with more details released in the upcoming months.

McWhopper Packaging Proposal BirdsEyeView 2-SMALL-thumb-400x263-207423.jpgThe first round of finalists have been announced for the 2016 Clio Awards in Film, Print, Print Technique, Out of Home, Direct, Brewtroleum (1)-thumb-400x148-190227.jpgEngagement/Experiential, Branded Entertainment, Branded Content, Digital/Mobile, Social Media, Digital/Mobile Technique, Innovation, Integrated Campaign, and Student.

New Zealand has scored two finalists. Y&R NZ has been shortlisted in Integrated Campaigns for Burger King 'McWhopper' and Colenso BBDO has been shortlisted in Ambient for DB Breweies 'Brewtroleum'.

Finalists in the remaining categories will be announced over the next couple of days.

Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be announced on September 12. Select Gold winners will be elevated to Grands and presented on stage during the event on September 28th. Grand winners will not be announced until the night of the event.

10,000 bicycles. Why creatives need cults

20140208-181324 (1).jpgA regular blog by Damon Stapleton, chief creative officer of DDB New Zealand

"You can look at anything as a cult. Churches are cults in their own way." - Philip Seymour Hoffman

Whenever I go to America I always feel like I am in a giant sitcom or film. Everything is familiar. A type of television déjà vu.

San Francisco was no different with our Russian taxi driver wanting to show us where the title sequence of Full House was shot. And neither was the Mountain View Google campus. They shot The Internship there. A weird feeling of understanding and belonging to a place you have never actually physically seen.

To say the campus is impressive would be a large understatement. It has a cafeteria with unbelievable food. Employee's have access to dry-cleaning, a world class gym, incredible daycare, a hair salon and over 10 000 multi-coloured Google bicycles to ride from one part of the campus to the other. And I am probably naming only half the amenities. The upside is Google takes care of everything. The downside I guess is that there is not really a reason not to be at work. I guess one man's safe space is another man's cult.
Hallensteins-wet-suit.jpgHallenstein Brothers and social media super star Jay Alvarrez put The High Performance Suit to the test in shark-infested waters off The Bahamas.

The campaign, via brand agency Lachlan McPherson & Friends, includes online, broadcast and 360 video of Alvarrez wearing the suit while surrounded by sharks on the Atlantic Ocean floor near the island of Eleuthera.
Says agency founder Lachlan McPherson: "We wanted to show how well the suits perform in even the most extreme situations. Considering Jay only got his dive certification on the shoot, then spent a couple of days filming 65 feet below the surface surrounded by sharks he came out looking pretty great."

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 1.37.03 PM.jpgStoned drivers compensate by driving more carefully, but eventually their minds wander. No one buys that the government gets what it's like to drive stoned, so the NZTA and its agency Clemenger BBDO Wellington, partnered with those who have more credibility on the subject. Comedians.

Each time the audience saw the ad, a different comedian was voicing the train of thought of each character, showing that whoever you are, it's hard to stay focused when you're stoned.


Photography agency Proof launches in NZ

ProofHomeFraser.jpgProof is a modern photographic agency representing and producing for World class advertising photographers based in New Zealand.

The Proof philosophy is one of collaboration, inspiration and constant growth with an emphasis on creative, personal projects. The photographers share a set of values including industriousness, passion, openness and humour.

WPP AUNZ reveals 2016 half year result

WPP+resized+copy.jpgWPP AUNZ has today announced its financial results for the half year ended 30 June 2016.

Key features of the six month period include:
  • Merger with Australia and New Zealand businesses of WPP plc approved by shareholders on 4 April 2016.
  • Change of name and branding to WPP AUNZ Limited reflecting the closer alignment with WPP plc.
  • Merger integration in the initial stages. Very positive beginning with strong engagement and
  • collaboration from local business units and support from WPP global operations.
  • The Group's Headline Results are presented on a like-for-like basis, as if all businesses were owned from 1 January and exclude one-off and significant items incurred during the period.
- Headline Net Sales of $407.3 million, flat on prior period (2015: $407.5 million).
- Headline profit before interest and tax of $47.2 million, flat on the prior period (2015: $47.4 million).
- Headline PBIT was delivered at a margin of 11.6%, in line with the prior period.
IMG_1436[1][2].jpgSnapchat is the next big opportunity in social, but most brands and creatives are not quite sure how to turn a profit through the platform. A new online, reality style web TV series called 'The Social Experiment' follows one man's exploration into social media and, in doing so, provides creatives and agency execs useful tips on how to create social content that actually turns a profit.
'The Social Experiment' follows the journey of a company that has always been "crap at social media", but then makes millions of dollars in a few short months by pumping out useful social content.
By following the experiences of consultant Kerwin Rae, the series offers businesses a 'how to' guide to succeeding at social, and delves into how businesses can profit from social channels like Snapchat. The solution, in short, is feeding audiences large quantities of useful content that has no sales message whatsoever.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.13.45 AM.jpgIn true DIY spirit, home improvement retailer, Mitre 10, is making a world-first move today by launching its own video streaming channel, with man of the moment world champion rower Eric Murray anchoring the channel's first feature series via Augusto NZ.

Mitre 10 On Demand is a response to the huge growth in consumer demand for streaming video, and features a host of original home improvement themed content that aims to tell Kiwi DIY stories and help New Zealanders with their own projects.

Channel content will include Murray and his family's bespoke house build, UK TV architect George Clarke's experience of being locked in a Mitre 10 MEGA store overnight with a crew of Kiwi DIYers, plus a host of tool tips, building and home styling advice.
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.23.45 AM.pngA joint initiative of Bestads and Campaign Brief, TheBestAdJobs.com offers recruiters and agencies a fantastic low rate of $50 per job listing.

Or if you place 10 or more jobs per month the rate drops to only $45 per job listing.

TheBestAdJobs.com reaches the international audience of bestadsontv.com and the Australasian audience of campaignbrief.com, campaignbrief.co.nz and campaignbriefasia.com.

New and featured jobs have visibility on the Bestads and Campaign Brief sites 24/7, reaching upwards of 300,000 unique visitors a month.



CB-App-2015.jpgThe Campaign Brief App and Bestads App - the two most popular advertising Apps in the world - are both available for iPhones and Android phones.

The Campaign Brief App includes CB Australia, CB New Zealand, CB Asia and CB WA - all on the one app.

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Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 2.51.16 AM.jpgThe Bestads app is a great tool to keep up with the best commercials from around the world, on your Apple or Android phone or tablet whenever you have a spare minute, and wherever you are. You can share featured ads on Twitter, Facebook or by email, direct from the app.



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LIA Logo.jpgThere is only one week left to enter LIA 2016 with the final entry deadline ending next Wednesday, August 24. There is still time for companies that have not registered to create a log-in, register and put entries into the 2016 system.

If you have already entered, there is still time to enter newly released work that fits within the eligibility dates. All physical material (if required) must be received in the New York office no later than Monday, 29th August.

Work submitted must be broadcast, published or released in a commercial environment with client approval.

All entry enquiries to Christina at LIA.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.30.28 AM.jpgGlobal 'creative consistency' award show Young Glory has announced there are just a few days left to take advantage of its Early Bird Membership pricing, which will cease being available this Friday, August 20.

Early bird pricing gives individuals or teams 20% off the price of a Young Glory Season Membership. A Membership is the only way participants will be able to participate in Young Glory's '8 month, 8 briefs, 8 big name judges' process this season, which will run from September 2016 to April 2017.

Young Glory is also calling on the industry to take part in it's Career Survey, which it hopes will identify and solve gaps between perception and reality when it comes to salary, professional development and employer types within the creative services sector.

NZGunn (1).jpgThe Gunn Report, the global index of creative excellence in advertising, has added a further 32 new mini-case studies to Bullets From Gunn available to view online www.gunnreport.com.
Bullets From Gunn are a collection of rapid fire mini-cases highlighting the business results of some of the most famous campaigns in recent years from around the world.  They provide compelling evidence that virtually all of the work our industry admires, applauds and creatively awards the most, also achieve market success. Close to 240 mini-case studies from 2007 to 2016 are showcased to date.

Two campaigns from New Zealand have been included in the further 32 Bullets including Burger King 'McWhopper' via Y&R NZ and DB Export Beer 'Brewtroleum' via Colenso BBDO.
Ted Creative Allstars 5MB (1).jpgEach week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium - which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites.

This week's guest judge is Ted Lim, chief creative officer, Dentsu Asia-Pacific.

Winner: Nike "Unlimited Courage". Another "episode" of Nike's "Unlimited" campaign. Good writing, good directing, good editing, good almost everything. Another winner.

Runner-up: Hyundai "Car Wash". Hyundai may not make the best cars, but they are certainly making better car ads. This one has a classic VW twist at the end. Nice. READ MORE...
Alison Maclean.jpgAustralasian production company, Robber's Dog has announced the signing of internationally renowned director, Alison Maclean, to its growing roster.

Canadian-born but New Zealand-raised, Maclean burst onto the scene in 1989 after her short film, Kitchen Sink, garnered global plaudits - winning eight awards at festivals worldwide as well as securing a Golden Palm nomination at the Cannes Film Festival.

Maclean followed Kitchen Sink with two highly successful feature films: Crush, which was an official selection at Cannes, and Jesus' Son, which won the Little Gold Lion at the Venice Film Festival, as well as securing Maclean a Best Director nomination.
ff_groupshotcrop (1).jpgEnvironmentally friendly New Zealand manufacturer ecostore has awarded its advertising business to DDB New Zealand.

ecostore has experienced strong growth in recent years, with expansion into Australia and much of Asia, as demand for its ethically produced and skin-friendly products has steadily increased.

Cameron Bower, general manager sales and marketing for ecostore, says he is excited to see the work DDB produces in the coming months: Obviously we love to work with creative people who are passionate about the work they produce, and we saw that at DDB. But, most importantly for us, the team at DDB showed a real understanding of our products, our business, and the people we want to talk to. They could see what we're trying to achieve and have a plan to help get us there."
2mobile.jpgEvery month, Kiwis' unused mobile data disappears from their monthly plans. And 2degrees is asking the question - where does it go?  So it's calling out the unfair behaviour of its competitors by dramatising where this data might be ending up.
Together with its agency Special Group it has launched a campaign inviting Spark and Vodafone customers unhappy about the disappearance of their unused monthly mobile data to switch to a 2degrees Pay Monthly plan.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.47.33 AM.jpgCase study: Would you walk past or stop to help someone in need? A social campaign has captured the hearts and minds of millions of viewers around the world in a new recruitment drive campaign for the New Zealand Police, created by Ogilvy & Mather New Zealand. A series of five videos featuring real-life scenarios have been captured exploring issues Police Officers deal with daily including alcohol-related incidents, mental health, at risk youth and safety on our roads.

The campaign has succeeded with the videos receiving 3.9 million views on the NZ Police recruitment page since its launch earlier in the year and the drive attracting a record 41% female applicants and 45% ethnic applicants.

BOTAB Save the Date 2016.jpgTickets for the 9th annual Battle of the Ad Bands are on sale now.

CAANZ and Fish will be bringing it all back to you, Thursday 15th September at the Kings Arms where 6 agency bands will be competing under the theme Boy vs. Girl Bands.

CAANZ member ticket: $45 + GST
Non-member ticket: $60 + GST

DSC_77882.jpgGeorgina Maguire has been appointed to the position of account manager at Auckland-based communications and digital agency Anthem.
Maguire has a wide range of experience in communications including corporate and marketing communications in both New Zealand and Australia. She has a particular focus and passion for the tourism sector having worked as communications advisor for Tourism New Zealand in its head office for the past four years, and prior to that, at luxury boutique travel company Mr & Mrs Smith in Melbourne.
At Tourism New Zealand Maguire was responsible for communication strategy setting and execution for various teams and projects across the business in New Zealand and in offshore markets. She is practiced in media relations and managing event-related media activities and hosting programmes including international familiarisations.
Critical also to her role at Tourism New Zealand was stakeholder engagement, internal communications, issues management and the management of multiple communication channels including the corporate website, fortnightly e-newsletters and the tourism industry webinar programme.
Maguire graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Communications, Major, Public Relations, Minor Journalism in 2010.
In her account management role at Anthem Maguire will be responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies for some of the agency's key clients.

I'm going to tell you how to make a lot of money

20140102-220541.jpgA regular blog by Damon Stapleton, chief creative officer of DDB New Zealand

Right now we are an industry that is in flux. There are many people who are trying to figure out where things are going. What to do next. We constantly read articles about what advertising will look like in the next 5 years.

There are many who claim they know.

Well, to quote Dan Weiden, nobody knows what's going to happen next.

And I am with Dan on that one.
Effie_webtile1__650_450 (1).jpgThe call for entry period for CAANZ 2016 Effie Awards is closing soon. Entries are due next week, 4pm, Tuesday, August 16.

Click here to read the Call for Entry document.

Click here to register your entry.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 7.42.33 AM.jpgFreemans Bay Indie Republik has today released the third episode in a new digital video series for Volvo Cars New Zealand, called 'Sunday Drive Roulette'.

Says Andrew Sims, creative director, Republik: "Taking a Sunday Drive is as kiwi as Vogel's and L&P. So what better way for Volvo to connect with a New Zealand audience than by tapping into this age-old tradition and then injecting an element of mystery and humour.

"The team at Volvo immediately latched on to the idea. It gave them license to showcase their range of cars on New Zealand roads, but the focus was on real Kiwis experiencing the drive. Of course, we all had to take a huge leap of faith. Introducing two complete strangers and then making them spend a whole day together in a car - we genuinely had no idea what would happen."




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