All Black legend Dan Carter and Daikin, a hot combination in new campaign by The Works

Screen shot 2011-04-12 at 6.35.34 PM.pngAir conditioning specialist Daikin, announces a major new advertising campaign with All Black rugby legend Dan Carter, that's set to add warmth to New Zealander's homes throughout the country.

"Heat with intelligence" is the apt tagline for the new campaign, which features Dan Carter and showcases Daikin's Intelligent Eye technology, a heat pump that senses when you leave a room and automatically changes to a more energy efficient setting.

The Works, an independent ad agency based in Sydney, is responsible for Daikin advertising across Australia and NZ and have created a cut through execution that uses Dan Carter in a very innovative way.

For Damian Pincus, creative partner-founder at The Works, "One of the challenges with using someone as famous and well respected as Dan is that consumers recall the communications is for Daikin and not an ad for Dan Carter, we believe we have cracked an idea that will really set Daikin apart from its competitors."

Dave Smith, Daikin national sales and marketing manager for Australia and New Zealand says, "We are thrilled to be working with Dan to convey the benefits of Daikin heat pumps to New Zealanders. Winter is fast approaching and we know that people will be looking for effective, economical and energy efficient heating solutions from Daikin."

Dan Carter says he is delighted to be the face of Daikin. "I love having a Daikin heat pump in my home. It means I don't have to worry about coming home to a cold house after training, because I know Daikin is taking care of it for me."

Daikin's "Heat with Intelligence" ad campaign went live in New Zealand on 10 April and will be launched across TV, print, radio, online and outdoor.


Creative Partner: Damian Pincus
Creative Director:  Kevin MacNamara
Copy writer: Steve Engstrom
Brand Producer: Lisa MacKenzie
Production Company: Mosaic Films


Anonymous said:

If the Daikin heat pump was a person, it would be Carl Sagan.

Now that's an ad I'd like to see.

Anonymous said:

It's all going to plan… and then he speaks.

Anonymous said:

Maybe the heat pump could have been Ken Ring.

Anonymous said:

This is so revolting, what a bunch of arse

Anonymous said:

holy shit that's bad!

Anonymous said:

Why is it ON here? CB? If someone submitted one of those yelly Harvey Norman gems would you post it?

Anonymous said:

It can't clean the vomit off my computer screen though. Appallingly bad.

Anonymous said:

There's something about this ad that makes me laugh. I think this is comedy gold. Love it. Favourite for the month.

Anonymous said:

ouch, disturbing!

So.Me. said:

Hahaha awesome. So ladies are the ones who make the decisions when it comes to in-house heating?

At least try make it gender neutral like the Old Spice guy. Both men AND women loved that shit.

Still laughing a little inside though.

P.S. campaignbrief what's up with your shit captcha system. If I type the sequence in and it's wrong I have to go back to the post and rewrite it unless I copy it before submitting.

Moronic system.

Anonymous said:

Lol, Dan Carter as a metaphor for intelligence says really bad things about the IQ of New Zealand. Can't see many girls getting a wide-on for their wall mounted heat pump either. The ad will probably get noticed as the most embarrassing ad of the year though. Hope their research says only girls buy heat pumps because any guy with a Daikan will seem gay as. :)

Anonymous said:

"Heat with Intelligence" surely is the biggest oxymoron ever when it comes to this ad. (The Works get paid to produce this dog shit commercial?)

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