Bestads top 6 of the week reviewed by Kevin Lynch, executive CD, BBDO Chicago

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 Campaign Brief 273.pngBEST TV
As someone who's tried to return his child to the hospital delivery room on numerous occasions, I found the Toyota Yaris spot to be highly relatable. The spot builds the story of their friendship in five short, charming scenes. And based on Yaris' quirky reputation here in Los Estados Unidos, a one-eyed fuzzball seems perfect for the brand. Nice one. As the Runner-Up, I quite adore the design and art direction of Koppaberg. The Fredrik tune's exceptional as well. Nice one, part two.
Campaign Brief 274.pngCampaign Brief 275.pngCampaign Brief 276.pngBEST PRINT
A couple ads this week do a lovely job of capturing the essence of the product, all while leaving just the right amount of gap for people to mentally fill in. We'll go with Land Rover as the Favorite, with Hotwheels as a Runner-Up, but that was only after a coin flip.

We've seen the "what will people do with all the (INSERT OBJECT HERE) once everyone buys our product?" message before. But Nissan LEAF took it from message to experience in a charming way that not only informs, but rewards people for their attention. The Runner-Up nod goes to Billboard Brasil'sGuitar Pee. Having a downloadable recording is a nice way to assure the experience travels beyond the bathroom hand driers.

Truth be told, I think history is unlikely to judge this as the most epic week in the world of interactive marketing. But there were some smart pieces. Passage du Desir plays the role of the Favorite, with a simple long scroll that served as a message-through-demonstration. And 

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