National advertisers to convene at AANA Sydney on July 25th to share ideas on how to regulate growing commercial production costs

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AANA_Logo_NEWFinal.JPGThe AANA (Australian Association of National Advertisers) will lead an effort to control growing commercial (including TV) production costs as new media and new technologies challenge the traditional production model.

Says Scott McClellan, CEO, AANA: "The days of the million dollar production as the accepted norm in our industry appear to be coming to an end. Advertisers are increasingly turning to innovative, lower cost production and distribution techniques to reach their target audience.
"As advertiser budgets come under renewed pressure in a tough trading environment, AANA members are saying it's time to take a critical look at the commercial production process, clarify cost structures and define the cost implications of new production technology."

National advertisers will convene at AANA in Sydney on July 25th to share ideas and benchmark against global best practices for managing production in the new media environment. Industry trends nationally and innovative practices will also be considered. The agenda for the session will include:

  • Changes to the production process, including roles and responsibilities of marketers
  • Talent costs in "New Media" platforms
  • Adapting global creative for localised needs
  • The production process for social media and digital
  • Best practices for working with agencies on productions
  • Best practices for managing production in the new media environment
  • Industry trends and  innovations

AANA will aim to develop checklists and tip sheets to assist marketers in maximising ROI in this area.

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