Drug and Alcohol Office WA promotes no alcohol for under 18s the safest choice message with new 'Cog' TV commercial via The Brand Agency

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Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 2.51.54 PM.jpgNo alcohol for under 18s is a no brainer. Alcohol can have an adverse effect on a young person's delicate and developing brain, as demonstrated by this tvc for the Drug & Alcohol Office WA from The Brand Agency.



Prodigal Son said:

Welcome back to The Brand Agency, Coggsy.

Matt said:

Well done fellas, nice one.

Teenage wasteland said:

Style over substance abuse

Steve said:

Nice and simple demo, i like it.

Brandivino said:

Clearly that girl is a Fembot and not affected by alcohol anyway.

Ross said:

Great looking animation. But you can't demonstrate something using something that's not real.

cynic said:

I'm sure all the under 18's going to Rotto took it onboard....

See what I did there....

Astar said:

even after 25 years, silly cogs still think they're people.


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