Cannes Contenders: Marketforce

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How will Perth perform at Cannes Lions this year? Here Campaign Brief showcases Marketforce's work we hope will impress the judges...

The R Word - Campaign Image (1).jpgAvivo: The R Word
The word 'Retard' appears on Twitter every 5 seconds. Yet the word is offensive, not just to people with disability, but to their friends, families and carers. Avivo, a leading not-for-profit community organisation, supports people with disabilities to live their lives with dignity and respect. How the community treats them, and refers to them, is incredibly important. To raise awareness about the impact the R word has, and to ensure the message had impact on such a toxic platform, a Twitter bot was created to detect any English language use of word. The bot instantly replied to these tweets with one of twelve one-on-one video messages from someone affected by the word, talking directly to the person who just used it.
Lotterywest - Everyday problems (1).jpgLotterywest: Everyday Problems
Life's full of everyday problems.  But when you win Oz Lotto, you can take care of them pretty easily.  One laid back winner tells us how he turned every problem into an opportunity.

St Ives.jpgSt.Ives Home Care: The Pitch
Talking about aged care is a very delicate subject. Particularly when you're asking younger people to talk about it with their older relatives. This radio spot creates a 'private conversation' with younger listeners based on a simple observation about how the human ear actually works, and how hearing deteriorates, as you get older. By using frequencies only audible to younger ears, these listeners were directed to online resource materials about St.Ives' home care facilities and services.  While older listeners were spared from hearing parts of the ad that could potentially cause offense or discomfort around discussing aged care.

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