MADC reports record award entries despite controversial decision by GPY&R not to enter

Thumbnail image for Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 5.32.26 PM.jpgThe MADC has reported a record number of entries to this year's awards, despite a controversial decision by George Patterson Y&R not to enter this year.

GPY&R chief creative officer Ben Coulson (left) told CB: "With a lot of new work to enter in non traditional categories at the major shows, effectiveness awards, and direct shows this year, we have had to be sensible about how we spread our entries out.
"Award budgets are swelling as agencies enter more and more shows. There are simply too many shows to enter, these days. And not all of them are essential. The creative department had a meeting and we decided to use what was left in the 2011 budget for shows that have an international profile and count for CB, Gunn, Won & other important agency rankings. MADC is a great show to win, we had the most successful award haul any agency has ever had at MADC last year, 29 awards from 49 finalists.

"It's also a fun night for our staff. But it's a 'nice to have', not an essential show for the important agency measures. Hopefully next year we will have a bit left in the budget come August and we'll be back. Best of luck to the agencies who entered, I'm sure you'll have fun on the night, probably even more without us wrestling for the trophies."

At last year's MADC Awards, George Patterson Y&R won the most awards overall, taking home eight Silvers and 14 Bronze Awards, while arch-rival Clemenger BBDO scored the most Gold Awards, winning four of the five awarded on the night plus a Silver and six Bronze Awards.

Says MADC director Nichola Patterson: "We're really looking forward to this year's awards. Our members have responded really positively to the changes we've made to the categories and the website and as a result, we've received a record number of entries this year.

"Next week, we will be announcing one of the most impressive judges' line-ups the Club has ever had. Patts has absolutely no obligation to enter the awards and, while we would love their support, every other agency in town has sent us some incredible work."


Anonymous said:

WPP, parent decision?

Anonymous said:

like they were gonna clean up anyway

John said:

Poor form.

Though it reeks of sarcasm, it’s a disappointing turn to see an agency put however much money into festivals such as Cannes but not into its local show (which I would assume is a fraction of the cost). If it is a higher directive, there’s nothing he can really do about it.

But if Coulson made the decision, I think he’s got his priorities wrong. But what do I know? I’m just one of those retail/Myer/Bob Jane t-mart/Brashers/Mr whippy copy guys banging out 20% off headlines and catalogues. The kind of guy who needs local shows to help move my career along in its early stages.

Richard said:

MADC has a massive conflict of interest anyway.

It is the only show ever to be organised and run by an employee of one of the main competitors in the show.

I don't blame Coulson or GPY&R for staying well clear while they run it like this.

Award shows need to be impartial and independently run to have credibility.

Anonymous said:

I don't think they will miss another bucket load of MADC trophies on their already overcrowded reception shelves.

Good on them for being sensible when it comes to the stupid waist of money agencies splurge on self gratifying award shows.

Anonymous said:

As if Coulson needs another MADC trophy to make him feel good, he has literally hundreds of them. Good call.

Anonymous said:

@August 18, 2011 9:14 PM

If you're writing headlines for "Brashers", then it's safe to assume your career was in its early stages around 20 years ago, and you don't need that first leg up anymore.

Or at least you shouldn't.

Anonymous said:

They cleaned up at MADC last year, and the year before, and the one before that....Why wouldn't they do it again?

Anonymous said:

Wow. I didn't know that Patts were in that bad financial state.

Anonymous said:

9:31 Award shows like MADC have always been run by people in the industry, and more importantly judged by them. Exactly how is this year different to any other, apart from the fact that Patts have nothing to enter this year?

Anonymous said:

What is MADC????

Anonymous said:

Good move. Other than getting pissed and yelling at peers, I really can't see the point of the MADC Awards.

Anonymous said:

The beginning of the end for MADC?

Anonymous said:

I know that's Coulson on the right, but who's the good looking happy fella on the left?

The Client said:

Awards mean nothing. Put the time and effort into building my brand and increasing my sales.

Darren said:

Dig a little deeper into this and you'll find something very interesting.

MADC is run by a company who has Clemenger as it's client. Propeller PR, run the MADC awards. 

Last year GPY&R had a really tough run in with the organisers of MADC who tried unsuccessfully to remove GPY&R's work. Clems went on to win the best of show for a campaign that had only won a bronze.

Clems are a great agency, no doubt. But if I were another agency in Melbourne entering MADC I would think twice. 

There is something very fishy going on town at St Kilda Rd.

Anonymous said:

MADC is a great opportunity to get munted with mates you may not see that often. And if you pick up it's even better, so thanks to patts for not entering because you may have just made my night.

Abby smith said:

I remember him collecting MADC trophies for Tourism Victoria work at Mojo in the 90's. 15 years later, Coulson is still hot, MADC is not.

F said:

MADCS? Who cares? I left mine on the table two years ago.

A nony mousse said:

Seriously, Patts, it's cool. You have a right not to enter. You don't have to explain yourselves - you have an enviable track record at MADC already.

But you really don't need the whole agency to go onto the blog to back up your press release. Would have been so much classier if you hadn't.

Stranger Danger said:

Granger pays for international awards to up the network Gunn Report rating and thus his KPIs and bonus. MADC doesn't make Tony richer so he doesn't subsidise it

Sydney creative guy said:

The suggestion that Patts has nothing to enter, with their track record is a little far fetched.

Just be happy they are giving you all a better chance to win a trophy no one cares about.

Nigel said:

So.....Clems to clean up at MADC this year?

Concerned said:

So the PR director of Clemenger runs madc? Hmmm? Conflict indeed. It's one thing to have a committee formed from agency reps, but run by the PR person of one?!?

Dave Klein maybe you could shed some light?

Ollie said:

9:59, If all the judges were from Clemenger your theory may have some merit. But take a look at the diverse judging line up for the past few years and you will see there is no way Clemenger could sway things. Even if they wanted to they would have been out numbered. Great work will always rise to the top unless it is found to be a scam. If you've ever been in a jury room you would know this.
I think your conspiracy theory has too many holes.

AdWatch said:

Probably a good year for Patts to boycott MADC, it wasn't a good showing for them at Cannes, thrashed by Clems and Leo's. Also, according to Bestads rankings of the last 12 months, Clems will dominate MADC this year, along with Leo's:

Azza said:

No way there is a conflict, Propeller and Clemenger aren't the judges. Simple.

Old brash creative said:

And if you are writing ads for Brashers, not only did they cease to be about 15 years ago, they where in fact "Brashs", so better watch the spelling in those headlines.

MADC judge said said:

It's not what happens in the judging that is in question, it is what happens after that needs looking at.

I judged last year and it was fine, but then a lot of work somehow just wasn't in the show on the night.

You can't have the organizers working for one of the competitors, its not professional, it's not impartial, its not right.

Dave and the committee need to sort this out, I for one don't feel right about spending my money here while it's run like this.

I am a fan of MADC! But this needs fixing, fast!

Sydney planner said:

What a stupid awards event anyway. Grow up Melbourne. Aren't you meant to be a big city? Awards like this are small-town rubbish.

The hanging judge said:

Leo's won't clean up. There amazing viral video was in the show last year, but somehow didn't manage to feature.

How did Clems Carlton mid ads that won minor tin beat Leo's Cannes Grand Prix film for best of show???

Seriously, MADC has too many issues. It needs an overhaul and it needs to not be as closely linked to one agency as it is.

Dean said:

Patts did all that cool 'silence anonymous' stuff for MADC last year- all pro Bono.

I wouldn't say they don't support the local show.

Ed said:

Why does anyone bother entering MADC????

Why stop at MADC? said:

Awards are bullshit and just make the people and agencies who chase them look like pretentious, self-obsessed wankers. It's time for all of you to grow up and realise that's the truth of it.

Nick said:

Well done Patts. Good promotion - definitely keeps people talking about you right now.
Personally, I think if you don't want to enter, don't enter. If you want, do it.

A load of talk about nothing.

why? said:

That's cool, don't enter if you don't want to... but do you really have to put out a press release about it?



Not happy Jan said:

MADC organisation is on the nose.

This from the horses mouth:

Case Studies
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Propeller has been charged with raising the profile of the agency, making it integral to the cultural fabric of Melbourne and facilitating introductions to potential clients and influencers. Our role also includes internal communications, pitch writing, compiling award entries and media management.

Since Propeller began working with Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, the agency has appeared an average of 6.9 times per week in the media.

MADC and AWARD judge said:

Just to further what MADC judge said above..

"It's not what happens in the judging that is in question, it is what happens after that needs looking at.

I judged last year and it was fine, but then a lot of work somehow just wasn't in the show on the night."

I've also judged AWARD and MADC's in recent years, and work that was given metal on the day of judging was clearly missing on the night. In more than one category.

I don't know about questioning impartiality too much, as judges 'on the day' are from all walks and differing agencies and production companies etc. However, it's a little concerning as to what happens 'after the day of judging'. Perhaps it was just things slipping through the cracks. Perhaps not.

Inspector Gadget said:
Its over, you lost. said:

Hysterical children all of you. Patts people, stop blogging, and start working, that way you might have something to enter. All conspiracy theorists, the judges judge the work, and award it, not the PR person - they just PR the result.

Clems was going to smash you anyway.


Pretentious? Moi? said:

Two profile shots? Two? Jeeezus.

Nick said:'s a typical day at CB. Happy Friday everyone! Love it!

Impartial said:

Just to support what "MADC Judge" said and what Coulson didn't say. The Boost Campaign was knocked out due to a disagreement on appearance dates, thus making in ineligible to win best of show. Patts had the documentation, MADC decided they knew better. Then the Clucky stuff got pulled because they called it a scam. Yet no-one at MADC actually bothered to ring the client - who was legit. Probono, but legit. And certainly within the entry eligibility criteria. Look at the Mumbrela article and Coulson's comments below.

Not Patts or Clems said:

The ads were dodgy, as you can see on Mumbrella. More importantly, they have not won any awards anywhere else, which defeats the whole argument. Or is that some big conspiracy too?

I look forward to seeing all the international awards Patts are going to win this year. The Medibank 'big smile' campaign should clean up, all around the world, right? Right??

Six Beer Lunch said:

Patts or no Patts, Clems will probably dominate the show (and deservedly so).

The pity is that any PR activity off the back of it will come from someone who runs the show - probably not a great look. It's an unfortunate situation if it tarnishes Clems great work on the night.

Two pic profile pic... said:

@Pretentious? Moi?

I acutally thought it was a different dude until you pointed that out.

Concerned said:

This is starting to get ugly and it's really disheartening to see the two biggest agency brands not only in Melbourne, but in Australia doing this. Juvenile fisticuffs, tossing dirt at each other, pointing the finger, poaching each others' staff. It's ridiculous, it's disgusting and everyone should have a hard look at themselves and grow up. Biggs and Howcroft, get involved. This is pathetic and clients are watching.

Not a fan of crap said:

The Medibank 'big smile' campaign is singularly the most annoying work on TV and a blight on the industry. Mercifully, I haven't seen it for a few weeks - hopefully it's finished its run. I changed the channel whenever it came on.

F said:

MADCS? Who cares? I left mine on the table two years ago.

Dave said:

MEDIBANK smiles was written by 2 creatives at Clems now at Clems. Weird.

@Dave said:

Yeah, and I think those boys had better stuff. You do know that's the client has the final say. Right?!

Melbournian said:

MADC isn't about world rankings. It's not about the gunn, won or any other report. It's about supporting our local industry. There's only a handful of agencies left in Melbourne and many are seriously struggling. MADC is simply a great night to all catch up and show each other support. It's a real shame Patts didn't enter.

A Different Melbournian said:

Melbournian, other than a nice piss up, what exactly do they do?

I mean, really?

Adman said:

Mebibank, BREATHE, is freaking amazing. Only got a couple of finalists at Cannes, but it is a Gold for sure as it does the other internationals.

The truth said:

One has to wonder, if 'breathe' hasn't run yet, how was it entered in Cannes, let alone got any finalists? Adman, will you enlighten us, please? Or the elegibility rules, once again, are there to be bent by Patts at their own convenience?

:( said:

This is just another sad chapter of the 'Clems vs Patts' saga. And the only loser is MADC and what it represents for Melbourne. Shame.

Now here's an idea said:

Dave @ 6:49PM, you raise a significant point. Frankly, I think it'd be far more interesting for these award-chasers to show their WORST and MOST EMBARRASSING work, rather than the stuff they reckon a jury would award. Everybody knows even the most respected agencies have a large cupboard full of rubbish. And it has to be created by SOMEONE.

Hotel Boy said:

MADC rocks!
It got me into a slew of shops on a big whacks despite getting fired from two shops in two years.

S'mouse said:

There's one thing you can say with little doubt about Patts, they always incite commentary on this blog.

Maybe people hate them, maybe people love them, maybe people just want to get in their pants, who knows, but I get the feeling they've achieved what they wanted out of this PR, which is more conversation than what they would have got out of actually winning at MADC.

Clearly there's some contention in the legitimacy of some of the work that Patts enter...which by comparison to Clems Melb who seem exceptionally unscammy... seems a little immature...BUT...I tip my hat to Coulson, whatever it is he does in there, he seems to do it well...and YES, he's very handsome.

On a side note, we all know there's a shallowness to awards, so nit picking over whether the MADC awards count to rankings or have international cache is kind of irrelevant, because, let's get our hand off it and admit they're all kinda the same one way or the other.

@S'mouse said:

Well said and agreed - apart from Coulson being handsome.

Jerry said:

I choose not to run.

Ben said:

Maybe not run, but look for someone more handsome.

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