A day after McCann takeover announcement Smart co-creative director Dan Gregory departs to form his own company The Impossible Institute

Screen shot 2011-09-29 at 6.14.56 PM.jpgFollowing yesterday's announcement of the acquisition of indy agency Smart by McCann Worldgroup to form McCann-Erickson Australia, Smart Sydney co-creative director Dan Gregory - and popular Gruen Transfer panelist - has departed the agency to form his own company, The Impossible Institute.
Smart co-creative director Kieran Flanagan - who has been with Gregory for almost a decade - will remain at the combined agency, to be teamed with McCann Sydney executive creative director Michael Raso.


Ant Melder said:

Good luck, Dan!

Andy said:

Best of luck Dan, but we know you won't need it.

Ex McCanns said:

Anybody who refuses - in this case so emphatically - to be part of the cancer that is McCannErickson demands my respect, and yours.

KMAC said:

The fact that your actions have got Ant Melder to comment speaks volumes.
Hats off DG.

Paul S said:

One of the funniest regulars on Gruen. Good luck with The Impossible Institute

someone... said:

Don't know him, but he's brilliant on The Gruen Transfer.
Easily the funniest panelist.
Good luck Dan.

Say what? said:

Ex-McCanns: You think he set up an entirely new business from scratch in a matter of weeks, just because he didn't want to work for McCann?

You're clearly not very bright.

Good luck dan.

Gump said:

Run Dan Gregory. Run!

Jj said:

Stupid name, but good luck anyway.

Ex McCanns said:

Of course he didn't set up the business overnight and the timing is co-incidental, 4:20. But one should never waste an opportunity to slag off McCanns for their monumental incompetence as managers of man-meat. And Dan is (still) a lot of man-meat.

Ant Melder said:

This comments thread is like a virtual VCD reunion. I bet DK, SMAC, Marty and Eric will be along in a mo...

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