Ex Mojo Sydney executive creative director Micah Walker joins The Monkeys as creative partner

Thumbnail image for Screen shot 2011-07-19 at 1.39.02 PM.jpgCB Exclusive - CB can reveal that Micah Walker, the former executive creative director of Publicis Mojo, Sydney, who departed the agency back in July last year, has been lured to The Monkeys as a creative partner.

The highly respected and awarded Walker joined Mojo in August 2007 from the CD role at Fallon London, one of the world's hottest shops, where he had been for four years. He then had an equally highly successful four-year stint at Mojo.
BoagsPurewater.pngUnder his creative guidance, the agency won AWARD agency of the year and produced some of Australia's most recognised and awarded work for Lion Nathan beer brands, James Boag's and Hahn SuperDry and Coca Cola's Burn. "Pure Waters' for Boags was named the world's 4th most awarded spot of 2010 in the Gunn report, and was awarded Australia's first and only Grand Clio in film.

Throughout his career, in the US, Asia, Europe, UK and Australia, Walker has worked with some of the world's most innovative and respected brands, while collecting over 100 international and local awards, in every major show. He was an Australian representative on the Cannes Jury last year.

Says Walker: "I have a lot of respect for how hard these guys have worked and how willing they are to jump head first in to different kinds of projects. Seeing that kind of ambition was a genuine part of the culture first hand, was a really critical factor in coming on board for me. It's the creative company in Aus that I feel has the most exciting future and I'm excited about what we'll do together."

Drape-Justin-web.jpgSays Monkeys co-founder and executive creative director, Justin Drape (left): "Micah's work speaks for itself. He's a genuinely unique talent and we're thrilled that he's going to be an integral part of the agency's future. He's also a pretty good guy to have a beer with."

The appointment comes on the back of a number of new business wins for The Monkeys and the agency winning B&T Agency of the Year for the second year running and Campaign of the Year for The Opera House Ship Song Project.


stating the obvious said:

that's big news

Jane Goodall said:

A great ape has joined the chimps.

Amazeballs said:

I think my brain just imploded.

Ian said:

2012. Year of the Cat.

Giving up said:

So should the rest of us now just give up?

Punchy said:

Who can resist the lure of Dan Beaumont.

Pure talent said:

Great news for a great talent and a great agency.

VVV said:

the biggest monkey of all

watch out - he'll take all the peanuts

Josh said:

Congrats to all involved that's the perfect fit.

Anon. said:

Mark, so I guess you won't be returning my call then?

dustin said:

Big Congrats to a great creative and friend. So happy for you Micah! A big score for The Monkeys.

Cheyanne said:

Even though his photo looks like he's squeezing one out, he is awesome. You monkeys are very bloody lucky. Change the name to Catmonkey.

Matt Smith said:

Yikes! The rest of us will have to pull our fingers out to beat that creative firepower. Time starts now.

yes said:

And he employs people without doodles. Love him.

roland of effingham said:

Give him six months and he'll piss off the clients just like he did at Mojo.

Great news mate. The Monkeys have scored well.

nNn said:

Hide your ART!!!!!

Someone who's seen it al before said:

That's a disturbing but recognisable comment by 9:46. I've never met MIcah, so I can't know whether there's a problem in his way of going about things. Unfortunately even the most talented creative can piss people off - arguably the best ones inevitably do - and I give the example of a certain cute, cuddly Furby as an illustration. So I would be interested in some reactions to that proposition and a bit less cheerleading by the Micah Walker fan club.

aaaArdvark said:

May be you should furrow your brow a bit more.
Let's all talk about how it will all go wrong shall we, because that will make you feel better about yourself?
If you can't offer someone congratulations when they start a job... this industry sometimes....sheeesshhh...

Someone who's seen it all before said:

Ok, 5:12, let's all splash around in the shallow end of the pool, shall we? Personally, I think there are some far more interesting side issues here. But if it makes you happy, and keeps you living blissfully in artificial sunshine, I'll join in the chorus of lightweight juniors congratulating whatsisname on his latest appointment.

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