Allianz alleviates a bad morning in next spot part of 'One Word' campaign via MercerBell, Sydney

AllianzRSA.jpgRoadside assistance is the feature of the latest Ahh-llianz "One Word" TV campaign, which launched in January of last year, that delivers help to a driver who has fallen victim to a flat battery, created by MercerBell Sydney for Allianz Insurance.

The ad, which launched over the summer, shows a man and his dog out for a walk when they see some people having a bad morning due to car accidents. Then they get back to their car and the battery is flat because he has left the lights on.

Says Julie Dormand, managing director at MercerBell: "This campaign is about why you would choose Allianz - whether you've locked the keys in the car or had an accident Allianz is there for you. We began over a year ago with the introduction of the Ahh-llianz meme to embed the brand into the vernacular. Since then we have been able to show many of life's moments when you are glad to have insurance."

The ad represents a new phase for the campaign focusing on more reasons to choose Allianz.

TV is supported with radio and digital.

Dominic Brandon - Group Manager Marketing and Brand, Allianz
David Bell - Executive Creative Director
Mike Nikotin - Art Director
Liz Kain - Copywriter
Lorraine Gormley - Account Director
Tim Barrett - Senior Account Manager
Chris Dudman - Director
Helen Hendry - Producer
Baz Milas - Agency Producer
Heckler - Post Production


jeez said:

That ad is on YouTube for over a month now so I had the opportunity, so to speak, to watch it over and over and I still don't know if the bad acting was a creative decision.
I did like the hint of blue on each frames though......

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