Shane Warne faces his one true fear in new teaser for Sportingbet via Clemenger BBDO, Sydney

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 6.50.23 am.jpgNew Sportingbet ambassador Shane Warne has unblinkingly faced cricket balls travelling as fast as 150 kilometres an hour - and more recently 50 paintballs fired at his chest from close range but now Warne will go up against his one true fear, spiders.

Says Warne: "I'm actually not scared of anything. Except spiders. I can't even get through the movie Arachnophobia, and I have tried four times."

In its new advertising campaign set to air nationally from Thursday night via Clemenger BBDO Sydney, bets Warne to tackle a series of challenges, including facing his biggest fear, an Australian bird-eating spider.
Says Warne: "That was probably the challenge I was most nervous about. I mean it wasn't a Daddy Long-legs.

"It was great shooting the campaign, even though the guys at Sportingbet really put me through the wringer."
Warne, currently in South Africa, is still recovering from being sprayed with paintballs during the shoot in Melbourne last month.
Says Warne: "Copping those paintballs to the chest was so much more painful than I thought it would be - a couple of them actually broke my skin. I don't remember a cricket ball ever hurting that much."
Winning bets will be donated to the Shane Warne Foundation.


Advanced Hair Studio said:


Come in spinner said:

Great use of Steve Warne, should work a treat.

A Warneing said:

Ah Clems, you've done it again.

The bar continues to lower.

Confusion says... said:

"Don't use old and tired face to reinvigorate brand".

Face Ache said:

Warnie looks more like Dr Spock right now! Shit Ads!

House style said:

Could they not have set this to an 80's track and had Warnie sing?
Then it would've been nearly as good as the Fox Sport's work.
And that was excellent.

How? said:

Do these agencies stay in business and clients keep their jobs.. The mystery of advertising..

Mr Anon said:

Check your shoes.

Nice... said:

Nice to see Middleditch doing a cameo...

Surgery Face said:

Hilarious, inadvertently.

And... said:

...the CDs at Clems wonder why they're being overlooked for judging major award show juries.

Your agency's work stinks guys. That's why.

Regaine said:

I thought Warnie's biggest fear was losing his hair?

Comedy Gold said:

Wow, I really wasn't expecting him to jump out of his seat and walk off at the end.
Clever stuff.

Jane said:

Disappointed to see a cricket icon "swearing" (albeit bleeped out) and advertising betting - during daytime and evening tv. Poor role model.

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