Myer to reveal 'Find Wonderful' - its first brand relaunch for nearly a decade - today via new creative agency Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

MYER-WONDERFUL.jpgMyer is set to reveal its first brand re-launch for nearly a decade today, in partnership with its new creative agency Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne.

The brand positioning message, 'find wonderful', is a major shift in direction for the iconic department store, and follows extensive research into the Myer customer base, its desires and aspirations.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, appointed by Myer back in August, worked in conjunction with fashion specialist, Unit1 Creative.

Myer-wonderful-2.jpgThe brand re-launch begins with a major television campaign commencing today and will be supported by cinema, online and in-store media.

Says Myer CEO Bernie Brookes: "In the fast changing retail landscape we wanted to know how and where we fit into the expectations and desires of today's retail consumers. We now better understand who our shoppers are and what they are looking for when shopping at Myer.
"Consumer expectations and behaviour have changed. We've been progressively making changes and improvements to our business and we think our offer today is as strong and relevant as it has ever been. To reflect that, we asked Clemenger to help us tell the Myer story in a contemporary way, while drawing on our 100 year heritage as Australia's leading department store."

Brookes said 'find wonderful' was far more than an advertising tag line: "It is a way of showing our customers we understand what they are looking for, and sharing our love of shopping and the great moment of joy that comes from finding just what you want. This is the inspiration behind our new brand thought - 'find wonderful'."

Myer has also used the research to re-launch the company's purpose and values to drive employee engagement across the business.

"We have crystallised our vision and our team members have responded very strongly to the themes. Our team is incredibly energised to bring 'wonderful' to all our customers," Brookes said.

"The brand re-launch follows the very successful launch of Myer Giftorium in all stores - Myer's unique Christmas gifting experience - which really sets the scene for 'finding wonderful' as we head into our biggest trading period," he said.

Says Myer Chief Merchandise and Marketing Officer Daniel Bracken: "This is a significant moment for the Myer brand, the first major re-launch for almost ten years, and we have ensured the campaign will have the media impact to do justice to the emotion at the heart of our message.

"The campaign is designed to appeal to our growing contemporary customer segment, as well as emotionally engaging with all our existing customers."

The commercial, which features Adelaide actress Tilda Cobham-Hervey, was shot in New Zealand over three days, directed by Gaysorn Thavat via Exit Films. Myer brands featured in the TV Commercial include Maticevski, Alex Perry, Kate Sylvester, Giambattista Valli and Ellery.

Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
Creative Chairman: James McGrath
Account leadership: Kim Boehm
Account Management: Natalie Nissen
Creative Directors: Evan Roberts, Nikki Hillier
Creative Team: Hilary Badger, Stephen de Wolf
Planner: Matt Kingston
Interactive Director: Roger Box
Executive Producer: Sonia von Bibra 
Director: Gaysorn Thavat
Producer: Karolina Bozajkovska
Production Company: Exit Films
Designer: Rick Kofoed
DoP: Ginny Loane
Editor: Sam Brunette
Post Production: Helen Naulls, Blockhead
Producer: Declan Cahill


Great grey blah said:

You know you've got problems when K-Mart is making better brand ads than you are.

Tracey Grimshaw said:

Beautifully done.
Although, there is nothing wonderful about Myer stores.
Have to hand it to Ogilvy and say at least their ads accompanied what the brand actually stood for; basic.

this is a compliment said:

Totally unbelievable given how stuffed retail is. Big bulky business driven by sales and fashion seasons that are out of whack with the weather. This is a tough country to sell in and advertising like this does not represent the inshore experience. Good looking ad though, nice change. Won't save Myer though.

Big Bad Dog said:

Quite enchanting little spot.
Nice one Wolfie!

Big cheese said:

Love it.. Great start to what I imagine is a very long-play strategy.

Interactivity was fantastic - glad RB got a credit.

Dire said:

Looks like an 80's music video.
Tell me Ah Ha aren't coming back…puhleeeze!

An open mind said:

Although it's not mentioned here, I quite like the idea of The Find resource, which I found on the new Myer website. I would imagine this would feed out to social media?

Joe said:

Hey Evan.

Groucho said:

If the agency is clever they will front load the expenditure because it won't last. Stack it high and sell it cheap isn't far away as new competitors, on line, and smarter consumers erode the little brand equity left.

Horace said:

When is this Gen Y-hipster, self-congratulatory, self-indulgent, self-involved madness going to end?!

Yet another 'prestige' Australian commercial that does a far, far better job promoting how pleased the creatives are with themselves than what it should be doing.

This spot will resonate for those like-minded folk who think working and playing in the Paris end of Collins St makes them Parisian.

Really? said:

why so many fucking negative comments? Isn't it time people were a little bit more supportive? What have you done lately, and most importantly does it matter?

Wonderful? Time will tell. said:

Myer has real big problems in Melbourne. The first is that ridiculous re-fit they did of their Bourke St., flagship store a few years back. It looked out-dated from day one.
Walking through the ground floor is like walking through Melbourne Airport Duty Free - actually that's unfair to Melbourne Airport - at least their duty free area has staff wanting to help you. And the competition is no longer DJ's. It's the standalone big brand stores at Chadstone, Doncaster Shoppingtown - like Westfield in the heart of Sydney. Whilst Myer might carry many of the same brands, the standalone brand stores in a Westfield have much more variety of stock, a better shopping experience and staff. Myer's first step to 'wonderful' should be to just provide the basics. As Guy Russo proved so clearly at Kmart - FIRST get the stock sorted, get the store sorted, get the service sorted and get the pricing sorted - then advertise because you'll have something worth advertising. If Guy was in charge of Myer I reckon he would've done a 'we're changing' campaign during the transition period [getting the basics sorted] and waited until he had it 90% right before claiming 'wonderful'. 'Find wonderful' might be a great campaign, but not if Myer can't deliver on it from day one of claiming it. As Bill Bernbach once said : "A great campaign will make a bad product fail faster. It will get more people to know its bad".

Elliott said:

yada yada yada

Jake said:

Hey Joe.

Joe said:

'Sup Jake?

Danni said:

I hope they have another version as a TVC because I had no idea what this was advertising for in the first 56 seconds of the 1 minute ad.

Like others have commented, a shiny new campaign won't change the merchandising and product issues at Myer - I'm yet to have a wonderful experience in any of their stores compared to standalone brand stores, Westfield and DJ's.

craft said:

Drab looking with such cheeeesy copywriting.

Jet said:

Nice work but like a Peter Jackson film, could do with an edit from that first draft of the new manifesto. Now the in-store and online experience need to reflect the magic. Good luck delivering the vision.

Kitty Kat said:

Beautiful spot. Well done.

Hendo said:

So many say that department stores are dead. Funny how many of the commentators have 'passionate views' and are so emotionally engaged in the discussion.

Video has not killed the radio star people!

Good job Myer and Clems. Well done Myer for having the courage to make an emotive and bold brand statement.

Challenge now is for Myer and Mr Brookes is to deliver WONDERFUL in their merchandise, service and store experience. Customer rightly expect to be thrilled in every possible way.

The only question remains, how will DJs respond?

JMac said:

Elegant, interesting spot. The real challenge is to create a retail experience to match.

Don said:

Admirable attempt but as usual it proves you should never try and put words with a fashion brand, it's purely visual, the more visual the better.
10:02 AM got it right, I would add that what is needed is a plan, Guy Russo's P plan was simple and effective. The trick was to deliver it well.
I don't see a plan for Myer other than to criticise and blame everything else.

As for David Jones maybe there's something in 'Store Wars' that they could both benefit from!

mismatch said:

The claims in this spot would be better suited to a store like Harvey Nichols or Selfridges (except they'd never do an ad this dull and basic).

Psembi said:

Hey Jake and Joe,

Sup Ev.

What am I doing here?

Joe said:

Oh hey Psembi.
You good?

Taylor Swift said:

oh the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.....
Just shake it off. Shake it off...

Keep spending Myer! said:

I'm glad there making expensive ads. It'll speed up their demise.
Looking forward to the death of Myer, DJs, the lot of them.

Myer is totally subpar on every level. Price, range, service. Myer is a morgue. I see dead people!

Psembi said:

Hi Joe.
Yeah I'm alright. Just returned to the ol' blog to see some proper hate speech and spite. I miss it. It's all arse-sucking and back slapping here.

Nick said:

Been ages. How's things mate?

P-dawg said:

Hey Nick, things are well buddy. Just making the adz. Same old same old. You?

bryan said:

This would have to be the worst add that you have ever been put on tv the girl is too skinny and has pidgeon legs that look terrible i turn off this add as sopon as it is shown


Joe said:

Glad you joined the conversation @Nick.
Also, @Bryan sounds smart and I trust his judgment completely.

MyerOverdone said:

I hate the new Myer ad so much I had to google "I hate the Myer ad" in order to find this site. What a load of self absorbed gen y twenty somthing clap trap, is this really aimed at the Myer demographic, well omg lol 😂 . I'm handing back my Myer one card and channel flickering ever time I see this over indulgent look at me, look at me.....un Australian, over the top rubbish...I

Grant said:

Simply awful. That girl is a robot, I can see they've tried to inject some whimsy but it was just naff and inauthentic.

Hate it. Awful awful awful. They should have stuck with Ogilvy.

Sam said:

This ad is horrible. Myer was my store! I think I will find my 'wonderful' somewhere else

Nicole said:


Kevin Martin said:

How many of you Kmart fans out there actually shop at Kmart? A $7.50 toaster is a $7.50 toaster is a $7.50 toaster. No amount of supersized cardboard numbers and ecstatic Mums in psychedelia land are changing the basic grimness of consumer items whose sole purpose must be the manufacture of anger. To say nothing of the life-cycle of this stuff. I grew up shopping at K-mart – it wasn't always like this. At least Myer has a basic quality threshold.

Find wonderful anywhere...... said:

I too dislike the Myer ad...It's not the production value or delivery that bothers me, but the underlying premise that the simple things we found wonderful as children no longer cut the mustard as adults, and that the only way back to happiness is via consumption. I know we I've in a free market economy, and that retailers have a right/need to spruik whatever message they think will get people in their front door.....but personally, this kind of marketing message makes me want to run in the opposite direction! Reality distorting, vacuous crap - happiness and "wonderful" are not found the bottom of a shopping receipt!

Tina Marie said:

I love Myer and I quite like the campaign. But for heavens sake who thought it was a good idea to have the store represented by such a painfully thin young woman?! Now I know that models are thin but there is a difference between looking skinny and looking like you have a serious eating disorder. And even if she doesn't - it's all about perception because she certainly looks like she needs help. I do not want my teenage daughters thinking that it is OK - for them to see this woman as a role model. Serious judgement error on someones part I think.

Alex said:

What a disgrace to star an anorexic figure representing Myer.

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