Need for Speed gives gamers chance to build a masterpiece with 'Crew Create' via Arena Media

ccimage1.jpgArena Media has just launched a unique virtual to real world collaboration content piece, Need for Speed, Crew Create to give gamers, car lovers and designers the chance to help build the ultimate Need For Speed masterpiece for client EA Games.

The campaign uses full 360 immersive video to transport fans to a virtual garage experience to design a real vehicle.

Choice A.jpgThroughout the two month campaign, new content will be released each week, giving fans the opportunity to vote to customise the selected car - with all elements and specs taken directly from the latest Need for Speed game. Once the car is completed it will become the official Australian Need For Speed promo car and a statement of what the new Need For Speed represents in the real world. The car will be driven to and seen across some of Australia's biggest motoring events and race day meets in 2016.

Using multiple channels including digital and social media, the campaign will connect Wheels 1.jpgfans with talented Australian designers, creative and leading automotive customisers to create the ultimate Need For Speed vehicle for Australia. Need For Speed - Crew Create will be live in the Australian market throughout November and December, across multiple channels, including the Zen Garage blog, Pedestrian.TV, Spotify, wheels 2.jpgan additional host of influencer channels as well as the Need For Speed website.


same same? said:

about 5 years after Just Car Insurance did the same thing?

C'mon said:

You can't win the car? Why would I bother...

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