Adam Ferrier, Jim Ingram and Ben Couzens exit Cummins&Partners to commence new venture

Adam-Ferrier.jpgCOUZENS-INGRAM-WEB-thumb-300x399-141962.jpgIndependent agency Cummins&Partners has announced that alumni chief strategy officer Adam Ferrier and joint-ECDs Jim Ingram and Ben Couzens will leave the agency to start a new venture.

Ferrier joined Cummins&Partners (then CumminsRoss) in the role of chief strategy officer in 2013 from Naked Comms where he was local co-founder and global head of behavioural sciences.

Ingram and Couzens joined Cummins&Partners later that year in December from Clemenger BBDO Melbourne in joint-ECD roles. Prior to joining Clemenger BBDO Melbourne in June 2011 the team held deputy CD roles at GPY&R Melbourne.
Says Sean Cummins, founder, Cummins&Partners: "When the guys told me of their desire to do their own thing, I think they were a bit surprised by how positive I was for them. I have spent my career championing entrepreneurialism in this industry and I'm excited for anyone who has the audacity to create a new venture.

"Our agency thrives on creativity and change, and I've always looked on with great pride as our alumni have started their own agencies, start-ups or even become artists or reality-TV celebs on MKR and Masterchef. And I will look on with great pride and enthusiasm as their journey unfolds too"

Ingram, Couzens and Ferrier said (almost in perfect unison): "We've loved every minute of our time here. It's been a great journey with loads of success, and we've each learned a lot. We'll miss the good energy that radiates from this place and wish the crew all the best."

Says Chris Jeffares, CEO, Cummins&Partners Australia: "We've made great campaigns and memories together, worked hard, played hard and had some fun times along the way. The agency had a very fast start over our first three years, and these guys have really helped keep
up this momentum over the next three.

"We are not looking to replace the trio as we have great depth in our existing ranks so the opportunities this creates is exciting for all of the team."

Departure times have not yet been announced.


Yes said:

This'll be one to watch.

Groucho said:

"We are not looking to replace them.......". Does that mean they were surplus to requirements?

Steve Callen said:

Congratulations guys! You'll do brilliantly.

Oucho said:

You're a boring dick

C&P said:

Goodbye, Sydney.

Dan J said:

Yeeew!! Awesome news gentlefolk.

Colombian said:

Three interesting and talented characters going their own way. Wishing you the best for the future. Your friend. CD.

@ Groucho said:

No, just they've got the head mac op lined up to take over creative duties.

Oucho said:


No it means they have depth and talent. Unlike you you nameless hack

Where did all my Ps go? said:

The way things are going it is not long before C&P becomes just C.

Shortcut to Fame said:

Would I have more chances of joining masterchef or MKR if I work for C&P?
I'm glad people are learning so much at the agency they become confident enough to cook their own lava cakes. Yummy!

It's a free for all said:

Who fancies one of Cummins Melbourne's clients?

They are all up for grabs right now. Jump in and make hay.

Paul Yole said:

Good luck guys.

Hmm said:

Hard to keep good creative minds for more than a couple of years if you're not stimulating them. Money doesn't buy happiness.

DanP said:

Congrats Adam - all the best with the new venture!

DG said:

Onya Jim and Cuz. All the best dudes.

Craig Griffin said:

Congratulations Jim, Cuz + Adam and good luck with the new shop. Always good to see people giving it a red hot go...

Yep said:

They will do very well.

Simon Hadfield said:

Well done guys.

TBone said:

That's how! Great news.

Jump! said:

You stand on a 10m high diving platform and look down at the water below
and you're faced with one question and one question only.
Do you jump, or don't you?
That's it. Do you jump, or don't you?
We all stand on that platform sometime on our career.
Most of us want to jump, but very few do.

@jump said:

And once you jump, you're in freefall for months.
Then if you're lucky you catch a break.
Then you swim and swim and swim.
But the tide never turns for you.
And even on the day you think you're riding a wave, the rocks will always reach up from below.
But, it's always better to captain your own ship. No matter the sea you're in.

Jump said:

Hey Jump. Those really cheesy analogies got right in the way of you trying to sound clever.

@heyjump said:

I love cheese. I've seen your book.

@ Jump! said:

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Two sides said:

One the one hand, they are all very very clever and talented people whom I wish all the best for their new venture.

On the other I have noticed a distinct trend for C+P work feeling like media ideas converted to creative rather than creative ideas. We'll see how that fares with C+P and the new agency.

CP+B said:

Cummins and Partners should add "& Bro's" to their name.

Nancy said:

What a trio! All the best guys.

Geez said:

That is a very strong start to an agency. Best of luck fellas. How you going to scale your talent is the q. But I reckon you will.

Derek Craig said:

Adam, Jim and Ben - Great news - Best to you.

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