Cummins&Partners Sydney promotes Mandie van der Merwe + Avish Gordhan to creative directors

Avish&Mandie (1).jpgMandie van der Merwe and Avish Gordhan take the helm as Creative Directors at the Sydney office of Australia's largest independent agency, Cummins&Partners. The pair first joined Cummins&Partners in August 2015.

van der Merwe and Gordhan succeed Tom Martin and Julian Schreiber who leave to join Special Group.

After two years producing outstanding campaigns for FoxSports, QT Hotels & Resorts, Allianz, Go Gentle Australia with Andrew Denton and PUMA Oceania, their ascendancy comes at an exciting time for the agency having recently won HBF, Podravka Foods, University of Tasmania and fintech start-up Lodex.

Gordhan and van der Merwe have been recognised at almost every major international and local award show. Their work includes the critically acclaimed '#ShotBySound' campaign for David Jones, the controversial 'Stop The Horror' project for Go Gentle Australia, and the darkly comedic 'Last Dictator Standing' campaign for Nando's South Africa, among others.
Before joining Cummins&Partners Sydney, the pair worked at TBWA\ Sydney and some of the most renowned agencies in South Africa including TBWA\ Hunt Lascaris and Black River FC.

Says Sean Cummins, founding partner, Cummins&Partners: "I have watched from afar the meticulous and thoughtful work of Mandie and Avish and it truly represents where we want to be as an agency.

"The creative scene in Australia has been a bit one note for too long and there is a bigger and more diverse world that exists beyond the watering holes of Sydney's adland. There has been recent excitement about agency sell-outs...but the true shift in advertising doesn't happen because a consultancy buys a hot shop. It happens person-by-person, brief-by-brief, day-by-day. Avish and Mandie are exquisite thinkers, insightful outsiders and real people."

Says Gordhan: "Upon hearing of our promotion, Mandie patted me on the back then said, "now, let's get back to work." It sums up our approach to the role. It's a great honour to be recognised but the real reward is not the position itself. It'll be succeeding in it by making excellent work that works for our clients, and challenges our industry."

Says van der Merwe: "We are a highly motivated, diverse and creative group of people in Sydney. I'm looking forward to building on this foundation and pushing the quality of work even further. Personally, I'm excited to be working more closely with Kirsty Muddle, one of the founders of the business. She is intimidatingly smart and a striking example of what strong, female leadership looks like in a modern agency."


Ken Buchan said:

Fantastic duo - top people too.

Kool-Aid alert! said:

Agencies are free to PR themselves as often as they like, but before Cummins & Partners starts handing out the PR Kool-Aid again, can someone please ask them to stop with this 'Australia's largest independent agency' rubbish. They'd be lucky to scrape into the Top5. For instance: AJF still has parts of Holden,all of Target, Bupa and OfficeworksOfficeworks to name just 4 of their clients. I genuinely hope C&P do well, but FFS, can they just hold off on the PR bullshit for a while. It's embarrassing and a lotta people are getting really tired of it.

Fangirl said:

Couldn’t have happened to nicer people. Watch them fly.

Door admirer said:

Nice door.

Fact check said:

Hey Kool Aid...i think you will find that Cummins&Partners is probably the largest independent. But the story is about the new Sydney creative leadership . Be happy for them And stay on brief

Cummins, please... said:

One note? Bit rich coming from an agency that has used puns over and over and over again. And not much else.

Kool it said:

@Kool aid alert...a quick visit to the AJF website has their home page saying "one of the largest independent and effective agencies in Australia ". So if they don't even know...maybe they need some of the Kool aid. I reckon Cummins is the largest

dave roberts said:

congrats to both of you and that garden gnome

Great News. said:

Awesome sauce! Not just great creatives, two awesome human beings.

Australia - the most negative ad industry in the world said:

Would all you trolls shut the hell up. This is about a team promotion NOT the agency itself, have some respect.

-Kieran said:

Great stuff Mandie.

Let's be positive said:

I don't know them. I don't work there. It sounds like a great opportunity, one that not a lot of senior creatives would get. So they must be very good to get the nod. So I'm getting behind them to say 'good luck'.

Matty G said:

Nice one legends.

Steve Dodds said:

Well done chap and chapatti. Kill!

A Big Fan said:

Well done!!!!!! You have proven that you can deliver great results with a smile and positive attitude. Super happy for you both, well deserved :)

Victoria Bitter said:

Let's hope they don't join the ranks of the many distinguished names who have been appointed as CDs at C&P over the years only to find themselves unceremoniously dumped shortly afterwards.

Dan Miller said:

Good stuff guys! Amazing leaders.

Dhasagan said:

Couldn't have happened to nicer or more deserving peeps.

Nitsa Lotus said:

Congratulations legends.

Well done you two!!!
Flip, so happy for you and proud of you.
You are yourselves intimidatingly talented.

Big hug, from Cape Town.

Russty said:

Good news. Loving the Avish special door too x

Gemsquash said:

Congratulations Mandie and Avish, the ones who are not afraid to ask difficult questions and to look for answers where other fear to tread. Proud of you!

Laduuuuuuuma said:

Geluk jou lekker dinge!

Maybe? said:

Hopefully it will open some bigger doors in the future... Just saying.

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