XXXX Gold unveils Goldie work via Host/Havas to reward Aussies for coming together over cricket

The Goldie - TVC 1 Get together with mates over cricket this Summer (2).jpgXXXX GOLD will launch its ATL campaign this week designed to galvanise the nation's support of the Australian cricket team and bring mates together over cricket this summer. The ATL campaign via Host/Havas follows the launch of the tech-enabled Goldie, which became available to consumers in October.

The campaign includes two TVCs created by Host/Havas; the first which follows four mates wearing their tech-enabled Goldies as they go to great lengths to hang out together in an attempt to unlock their chance to win over 6,000 prizes. The second TVC continues to follow the journey of these mates at a rather uncomfortable doctor's appointment, this time joined by former cricket legend Adam Gilchrist, who explains the awesome prizes to be won.

The Goldie - TVC 1 Get together with mates over cricket this Summer.jpgSays Darren Spiller, chief creative officer, Host: "It's great to be a part of putting some fun back into beer advertising and a good example of how a retail idea can be entertaining and engaging instead of forgettable."

According to XXXX GOLD marketing manager, Richard Knight, the partnership with Cricket Australia is one of the biggest XXXX GOLD has taken on in a long time.

Says Knight: "With the partnership being so important, we wanted to make this big, especially since it's an Ashes series on home soil. We started the program with seven of our agency partners and it has been a great collaborative approach the whole way through."

Geometry Global created the idea of the Goldie, a piece of wearable tech, which will help fans show their support of the Australian cricket team and reward them for coming together this summer via a simple and user friendly App created by the team at whiteGREY. The level of thought from the agencies was truly astonishing as they grappled with a huge amount of complexity to achieve such an intuitive result.

Says Sean Taylor, CEO, Geometry Global: "The team were pleased to launch such a novel program off the ground. A platform idea born out of something very simple: reward mates who get together over a XXXX GOLD around cricket, combined with wearable tech."

Each Goldie is equipped with an iBeacon that can detect other Goldies close by, through the XXXX GOLD App.

The Goldie - TVC 2 $350, 000 worth of prizes to be won (2).jpgSays Marina Earp, group account director, whiteGREY: "As Australia gets ready to celebrate the Ashes under the sun, we have literally flipped the use of beacons from being fixed onto walls to being embedded in theThe Goldie - TVC 2 $350, 000 worth of prizes to be won.jpg XXXX GOLDIE cap, which will be worn by thousands of fans this summer."

Some great strategic minds from Host and UM helped shape and build the idea into a fully-fledged connections eco- system, whilst Octagon secured arguably Australia's most loved cricketing ambassador, Adam Gilchrist, to spearhead the campaign.

Octagon will also lead experiential activity during cricket season, which includes an activity that will surely capture the hearts of cricket fans all around the country during the tests and one day internationals. Known as the XXXX GOLD $10,000 catch, every time a batsman clears the fence with a six, if a fan sitting in the lower tier bays catches it while wearing their Goldie, they will win $10,000.

Jack Mesley - Brand Director - Lion
Richard Knight - Marketing Manager - Lion
Chris Allan - Brand Manager - Lion
Christina Reid - Brand Manager - Lion
Annabelle Sims - Assistant Brand Manager - Lion

Agency Credits
Host - Creative Agency
whiteGREY - Digital Agency
Geometry Global - Shopper Agency
Octagon - Experiential Agency
UM - Media and Connections Agency

Revolver - Production Company


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So bad you can tell written by a bunch of poms

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Hat is weird/complicated. Ads are alright/funny.

Wrong said:

This is what happens when a brand proposition (brings mates together) comes to life for real in s tech enabled shithouse way. The whole thing falls apart and everyone looks silly.

Now we know said:

Why host and Havas joined forces, to try and salvage the business. Woeful!

Dave said:

This solves a marketers problem more than a consumer problem.
Get guys to hang out and market our beer

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Nothing like the director managing to squeeze the guy from another sportsy blokey ad into another sporty blokey ad.

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