Host/Havas, Sydney nabs one of only three Black Pencils awarded at D&AD for Palau Pledge; Revolver/Will O'Rourke win two Yellow Pencils; Graphite Pencils to BMF Sydney and Re: Sydney

The 56th D&AD Professional Awards Ceremony took place tonight (26 April) in London, where three Black Pencils - the highest accolade in the creative industry - were awarded.

Host/Havas, Sydney claimed a Black Pencil ~ plus one Yellow Pencil and three Graphite Pencils ~ for its Palau Legacy Project 'The Palau Pledge' which requires visitors to Palau to sign a passport pledge to act in an ecologically responsible way on the island. 

Sydney-based production company Revolver/Will O'Rourke won two Yellow Pencils ~ the only Yellow Pencils awarded to Australia ~ for Direction and Casting for Go Gentle Australia 'Stop the Horror' campaign via Cummins&Partners, Sydney.
Stop the Horror PR image_02 (1).jpgRoid in Android_Campaign Image (1)-thumb-400x225-252929.jpg
Graphite Pencils (equivalent to Silver) were awarded to BMF Sydney for Sportsbet 'Putting the Roid in Android' and Re: Sydney for Sydney Design Festival.

Saatchi & Saatchi New York took home a Black Pencil for the 'It's a Tide Ad' campaign, which took over the airwaves during this year's Super Bowl. 

McCann New York was awarded a Black Pencil for Fearless Girl, the bronze statue of a defiant young girl facing the iconic 'Charging Bull' on Wall Street, commissioned to highlight State Street Global Advisors' gender diversity index fund.

In total, 721 Pencils were awarded during D&AD Judging 2018. The number of Pencils awarded by level are as follows:  

Black Pencil - 3 Pencils
Yellow Pencil - 74 Pencils
Graphite Pencil - 156 Pencils 
Wood Pencil - 488 Pencils

Says D&AD CEO Tim Lindsay: "This has been an outstanding year for creativity. We received entries from 50 countries across all continents, attesting to the truly global nature of our programme and the impact of D&AD in stimulating and celebrating talent from around the world. 

"Three Black Pencils have been awarded, two of which use creativity as a means to create a better world. But we've also seen a marked focus on humour and playfulness. Design and advertising can be used to encourage debate and engender social discourse, but it can and should also entertain. Also, sell stuff. In the current social and economic climate, we need all of the above."

President's Award
This year the President's Award goes to Colleen DeCourcy and Susan Hoffman from Wieden + Kennedy. 

D&AD President Steve Vranakis commented: "Every D&AD President gets to choose one of their creative heroes to give the President's Award to. They're always giants of our industry, hugely awarded, respected by the whole community, great achievers, groundbreaking creative practitioners and much-loved leaders. 

"This year we celebrate the extraordinary achievement in advertising of not one, but two such leaders: Colleen DeCourcy and Susan Hoffman. Together, they co-chief and creative-direct one of the world's finest creative agencies, Wieden + Kennedy, an agency we all know, love and respect. I am hugely honoured to recognise their achievement and their outstanding contribution to creative excellence."

Country ranking by number of Pencils won:


Correction said:

Palau won 3 yellows and several other graphite and wood pencils. Massive congrats Havas!

Correction to correction said:

Palau did get Yellow but 1 not 3

1 Yellow
1 Black
3 Graphite
3 Wood

Dean H said:

Huge congrats to Seamus and everyone else involved in Palau.

Wow said:

Host Havas, you are silencing the doubters in the best possible way - your work. You are a world class agency.

Amazing said:

Such MASSIVE congratulations to Seamus and the rest of the team. A black pencil and an idea that is striving to make the world a better place. Amazing

Anthony Gregorio said:

To Seamus, Stu and Alex and all the amazing people at Havas that worked on this, congratulations. It's work that deserves recognition and I know how hard everyone worked to make it happen. Proud of you all.

James said:

Awesome job on Palau.

Congrats to all the CD's that got their names on it too.

Re: James said:

Which CDs?
The eCDs who led it all the way?
The CD who brought in the client?
The CD who slaved at the copy for years?
Or the CD who slaves at the design for as long?

Crawl back under your bridge of ignorance and save us some oxygen for the winners’ celebrations. Cheers.

Dad said:

Hi SĂ©, you did say some 8 years ago in London you wanted a pencil award. To come out with black and several others for one project is a remarkable achievement. Take a huge bow and great to see that chips off the old block are getting better with each new generation.

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