After only six months DDB Sydney CD Richard Morgan resigns to take ECD role at 303Lowe

Richard Morgan1.jpgCB Exclusive - After only six months in the job, DDB Sydney creative director Richard Morgan has resigned to take the national executive creative director role at 303Lowe, effective February.

Morgan will take over the role left vacant after the departure of Simon Langley - ironically Morgan's former partner at BMF - in November last year.

"We are thrilled to have Richard join us. He is an accomplished creative director with the rare experience of having been a CD of both a digital and mainstream agency. His work is outstanding," said Nick Cleaver, CEO 303Lowe.

Morgan is a multi-award winning copywriter, recognized for work across brands such as Lion Nathan's XXXX Gold, Toohey's Extra Dry, Goodman Fielder, Heineken, Dairy Farmers, Bonds and McDonald's recent Australia Day 'Macca's' re-brand out of DDB Sydney.
"I see this as the most exciting creative opportunity in the business," said Morgan. "303Lowe is building a tremendous reputation for producing effective, award winning work, as its recent Effie and D&AD performances show. They have successfully built a business model that combines local ownership with international agency partnership. There aren't many opportunities in this market like that. For me it's the best of both worlds."

Morgan will be part of the Lowe international creative counsel, joining ten other ECD's from the Lowe world in managing the creative output of the network.

"This appointment represents a significant milestone in our development as a business," said Cleaver. "We have grown significantly and accomplished many exciting things over a short period of time but feel the next phase of our development is about demonstrating how interactivity can work for brands at a more populist level and engage with more people."

"303Lowe has a focus on building interactivity and integration into every part of their client's businesses. With the base of blue chip clients the agency has and the talent it possesses, I see my job as continuing to grow its creative profile and taking the agency to the next level. It's an exciting way to kick off the new year," said Morgan.

Morgan's previous roles include being creative director at Holler, a seven year stint at BMF and three years at AMV London.

He has also won multiple industry awards including Gold, Silver and Bronze at Cannes, Silver at D&AD, Gold at the One Show, British Television Awards, Caples, ECHO, London International, Silvers at Clio, six silvers and 12 bronze at AWARD. 
Morgan has also lectured Communications Council AdSchool, was on the 2012 Digital AWARD judging panel and lectured last year's AWARD School.

DDB Sydney ECD Dylan Harrison told CB: "We'll miss Rich around the creative department, even though he's barely unpacked his bags. I understand he can't resist the allure of the ECD role, it's what he's always wanted and has been working towards for years. I wish him all the best and thank him for all the great work with Cam Hoelter on McDonald's recently.

"Between the Australia Day Maccas signage change and the launch of the Track My Maccas app, two global firsts for McDonalds, we've never been busier and I'm really proud of what we're achieving. With Rich departing we have the opportunity to  add even more world class talent to the McDonald's team at DDB Sydney."


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Nice one Reggie, well done mate.

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Well done Mr Morgan.

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Too nice and too talented for DDBollocks

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Well this is a turn-up for the books. This would be funny if it wasn't true.

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Anyone who quits after 6 months has been tunnelling out since day one.

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Well done Rich, congrats mate.


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"I see this as the most exciting creative opportunity in the business," said Morgan.

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Well done. Congratulations.

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Hire the next old - but truly creative person- you interview and I promise heaps of Cannes gold.


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